Why do Gaming Laptops get so Hot?

Why do Gaming Laptops get so Hot? in the first place

Gaming laptops are popular for many reasons, but high on that list is their graphics capabilities. These laptops tend to have powerful components, including CPUs and GPUs which run while the laptop is in use.

Since these are generally more expensive models, manufacturers don’t tend to spend money making them any thinner or lighter than what they absolutely need to be. The result of this design choice is a laptop that has a lot of components crammed into a small space, which puts more stress on each individual component.

The laptop heats up because all the circuits in your laptop are drawing power through the motherboard. This generates heat that will cause your processor to cycle down when it gets too hot, impacting performance. If you just play games every once in a while, this might not be a big deal. If you are doing intense gaming for hours at a time, however, the lower performance you experience will quickly become frustrating.

Overheating can cause permanent damage to your laptop’s components if it gets too hot over an extended period of time. Some laptops only cut out completely when they get way too hot. On others, this overheating might only cause the laptop to slow down.

Regardless of what type of damage your laptop endures if it’s exposed to high temperatures for too long, you won’t be happy about paying hundreds or thousands of dollars to repair it.


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Laptop overheating symptoms

There are some of the main laptop overheating symptoms that you must not ignore and whenever you notice them you should immediately take the action. But first, make sure that either it is actually overheating or you are uselessly worrying about the little heat production of the system.

Check out these laptop overheating symptoms, if this is happening to your laptop then it needs your attention for sure. If your laptop shut down forcibly itself while operating then it is a sign that your laptop is getting hot and need to be noticed.

If the fan is running continuously at their maximum speed and making loud whirring noise then it is a sure sign that your laptop is getting hot.

You can just check out for overheating laptop by placing your hand on your laptop if it is normal or a little bit warm, then there is no problem. But it is too hot that you can’t even place your hand for a few minutes on it then this is a problem which needs to be addressed.

Extreme slow speed is also a clear sign that the laptop will get overheat

If only certain areas are extremely hot like RAM, battery and processor area or areas near fans are getting extremely hot then it’s also a clear sign that laptop fan is not working properly.

Esoteric error messages popping up while you are operating random programs.

If your laptop is struggling hard in performing the just basic tasks than your laptop is overheating man, just like the slow opening of the new browser window.

So whenever your laptop shows such signs, don’t ignore them and take action immediately. So that it can maintain its best performance and can save all files and data properly and do the fast functions and can maintain its software.

Final Words About Why is My Laptop Getting Hot

By reading this complete guide, you will be able to fix the problems and do better care of your laptop. This guide is a combination of personal experiences and a lot of information that is carefully and effortfully compiled.

So finally, you know much about laptops overheating and now you also know the solutions and important tips to avoid overheating of laptops.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions related to the overheating of laptops. I will not only answer your question but I will also post a detailed article on that very question for other readers.

Best of Luck.

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Reasons Gaming laptops Get Extremely Hot?

Why do gaming laptops get so hot? Some people think that gaming laptops are too hot to touch, and they don’t want to touch them. But the truth is that a laptop’s heat is a result of the components inside of it. Gaming laptops are getting hotter because they’re made with powerful hardware that is harder to cool down than previous models. 

Here we will discuss some significant problems that lead to the intense heating of gaming laptops and eventually question Why do gaming laptops get so hot?:

  • Laptops are smaller than desktop computers and have less space for all of their components. As a result, when you attempt to do things that need a lot of computational power, such as launching a video game or streaming TV shows, the temperature of your device might skyrocket. Internal fans will attempt to cool things down, but your laptop may still become overheated and begin to malfunction.
  • A gaming laptop contains specialized video cards, also known as graphic processors or GPU. In a regular non-gaming laptop, just the CPU generates heat; on the other hand, in a gaming laptop, both the CPU and the GPU generate heat. As a result, if the system’s processor generates heat, the graphics processor constantly outperforms it. When subjected to extremely severe loads, such as merciless gaming or other demanding multitasking, this pair works its tail off to keep up with the demands. As a result, a gaming laptop generates far more heat than a standard laptop. And it is for this reason that gaming laptops overheat.
  • Compared to a desktop arrangement, all of the components are compressed and combined into a tiny chassis in a gaming laptop. This reduces ventilation and reduces heat dissipation, which is the primary cause of all heat crescendos in gaming laptops.
  • The hardware on your laptop may be too outdated and inefficient to handle what you want.
  • Heated paste that has expired or is about to expire, which most probably happens in an old worn-out laptop.
  • A slew of needless background apps and functions that place an extra strain on your system.

How to Test the Internal Temperature of Your Laptop

If your laptop is just plain hot, find out if it’s running too hot by using a free program to check the internal laptop temperature and find its optimal temperature.

Some system information tools support temperature readings too. Maintaining one of those programs on your computer offers the added benefit of letting you check up other stats about your computer and not just the temperature of the internal components.

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What Are The Signs Of Overheating In a Gaming Laptop?

When your gaming laptop overheats, you can experience all sorts of problems. Here are some common laptop overheating ‘symptoms’:

  1. Your laptop suddenly shuts downs (shutting down from overheating is a safety mechanism to prevent permanent damage to hardware)
  2. Your computer’s fans are constantly spinning fast and get really loud (this means the fans are working super hard to cool your laptop)
  3. Your laptop lags and struggles to perform simple tasks (a sign of CPU or GPU throttling)
  4. Certain areas of your laptop such as the keyboard or the area where your wrists rest get really hot (heat from the interior of your laptop is being transferred to these areas) 
  5. Your computer only overheats when you open certain games or programs (it could be a sign of a poorly optimized game or software)
  6. You get error message pop-ups about CPU temperature or fan failure 
  7. Your new gaming laptop overheats (it could be a problem with the software or poorly designed cooling mechanism)
  8. Your old gaming laptop is suddenly overheating (it could be a sign you need to clean your laptop, reapply thermal paste, or replace faulty fans)

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What To Do When Laptop Gets Hot?

Now, we will discuss the various ways that you can use stop your laptop from overheating.

1) Give Your Laptop Some Rest

Working on the laptop for a long period of time can cause it to overheat. Give your laptop some rest to cool down for an hour or two between your work. Especially take care to rest your laptop if your work requires more resources.

2) Place Your Laptop On A Flat Surface

If you are using the laptop by placing it on your lap, then it can block the exhaust ports under the laptop, which will overheat the laptop. This can be taken care of by simply placing the laptop on a flat surface while using it.

Most laptops have small rubber feet below that wil

Most laptops have small rubber feet below that will keep it a little above the surface its placed on, so that the exhaust doesn’t get blocked. Those feet become useless when you place the laptop on your lap.

3) Keep The Cooling Fan Clean

The cooling fan in your laptop plays a big part in keeping the temperature of your laptop low. These fans can get blocked by specks of dust if not cleaned periodically. That’s why it’s important to clean your laptop every once in a while, even if you are not using it.

We recommend that you take the laptop to a service center to get the cooling fan cleaned if you lack the required knowledge and skill for cleaning it without causing any harm to the laptop.

After cleaning the fans, check if still the laptop gets hot. If yes, then you should try the other methods.

4) Use The Laptop In A Cool Surrounding

4) Use The Laptop In A Cool Surrounding

The room temperature plays a big part in determining the temperature of your laptop. If its summer, then its best to use the laptop in a room with air conditioner, or if you don’t have it, then make sure to have a few fans working near the laptop to reduce the heat.

Also, don’t keep the laptop directly under the sunlight and also use it as less as possible if the room temperature is more than 95° Fahrenheit or 35° Celsius.

5) Don’t Overcharge Your Laptop

Generally, most people plug in their chargers and work for hours without unplugging the charger when the battery is full. This is a big mistake as it can heat up your battery and potentially break it as well.

When your laptop battery is hot, not only will it overheat the laptop but also damage it. Always make sure to unplug the charger after the power is full and also try to use the laptop without charging it at the same time as much as possible.

6) Get A Laptop Cooler

There are various laptop coolers that you can purchase. The laptop coolers basically blow cool air inside your laptop through the intake grills. Now, it is very important that you don’t buy the wrong laptop cooler as it can then cause your laptop to heat up even more.

Before buying a laptop cooler, you need to underst

Before buying a laptop cooler, you need to understand where the exhausts are and where the intake grills are. Buying a laptop cooler that sucks away the air from your exhaust will only heat up the laptop faster.

Conclusion- Reason for Gaming Laptop Overheating

It is normal for gaming laptops to get hot. However, when CPU and GPU temperatures go beyond 80°C there may be an underlying software or hardware related problem. 

Solving each of the above issues should get your laptop running cooler so that you can get back to enjoying games. For new laptops, having your laptop checked during the period covered by the warranty is a good idea.


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