What are the most unintentionally so bad they're funny movies?

Showgirls (1995) 22%

(Photo by United Artists courtesy Everett Collecti

(Photo by United Artists courtesy Everett Collection)

Following their smash-hit Basic Instinct, director Paul Verhoeven and writer Joe Eszterhas tried to shock cinemagoers with this sensational look at the sleazy world of Las Vegas strips clubs and showgirl casino spectaculars. Audiences and critics were shocked all right. They were shocked at Eszterhas’ ludicrously “hard-hitting” dialogue about who has nice breasts, who is a whore, who finds it hard to adjust to no longer being ejaculated on. They were shocked at Verhoeven thinking we’d be turned on by Elizabeth Berkley and Kyle MacLachlan making love in a neon-lit pool like they’d been set on the spin cycle. Most of all they were shocked that this supposedly erotic drama generated nothing but guffaws.

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15. The Box (2009)

Radar Pictures / Media Rights Capital Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 45% All You Need To Know: A creepy old man shows up with a mysterious box. He tells Cameron Diaz that if she presses the button in that box, she’ll get one million dollars. Here’s the catch: when the button is pressed, someone dies. What a dilemma! Submitted by ezekielgreen40

Troll 2

I think in place of a trailer, the above clip will tell you all you need to know about this film.

Now, Troll is quite a bad film, but does not belong anywhere near in the pantheon of the truly bad. Troll 2 on the other hand, absolutely, positively does. The film, which was originally titled Goblins, was renamed to cash-in on the ‘success’ of the first one – so yeah, there aren’t even any fucking trolls in it. Essentially, it’s about vegetarian goblins who turn people into plants so that they can eat them.

The film gained such a bad reputation that the lead child actor made a documentary all about the making of the film, called Best Worst Movie in 2009, which, unlike Troll 2, actually got really good reviews.

20. My Soul To Take (2010)

Relativity Media Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 9% All You Need To Know: A small town, a serial killer, teens, curses — you know the drill. My Soul To Take is either Wes Craven’s best film or his worst. There is no middle ground. Submitted by frenchfilmelephan

Maniac (1934) 89%

Made by pioneering exploitation huckster Dwain Esp

Made by pioneering exploitation huckster Dwain Esper, this is a crazy movie about going crazy. It features a ham actor assisting a mad scientist involved in the typical revival experiments before he kills the boffin and impersonates him with his “superior” acting skills and a glued-on beard. Complete with eyeball-eating moments, a girlfight with syringes, and a walled-up cat, this also boasts dialogue like, “Oh! Stealing through my body! Creeping though my veins! Pouring in my blood! Oh, DARTS OF FIRE IN MY BRAIN! STABBING ME! I CAN’T STAND IT! I WON’T!” Even better? It tries to pass itself off as a documentary about the real problems of mental illness.

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Robot Monster

Robot Monster — a succinct title if there ever was one — is about a robot from the Moon called Ro-Man who has killed almost everyone on Earth. A small group of humans, including a young boy, survive. The robot kills almost all of them before falling in love with a girl, has a change of heart, and tries to defend the remaining humans from its boss. The robot’s boss kills it, and attempts to destroy the world with earthquakes and dinosaurs before … the young boy wakes up.

Oh, it was all a fever dream? Except then, the robot rushes out of a cave screaming. So it … wasn’t a dream? Okay, look, we don’t know if it was a dream or not. All we know is it’s hilarious and you should watch it. Of course, that’s a new opinion — when the movie first came out, it was hated to its very core. Its director, Phil Tucker, became so despised, he probably couldn’t get a job as an usher. After getting robbed of the film’s profits (which were shockingly large, with the film grossing a million bucks on a $16,000 budget), he went to a hotel and attempted to kill himself. This was all over a this movie starring — again — a space robot that looks like a monkey that’s actually a kid’s fever dream but maybe is prophetic. Thankfully, the director didn’t kill himself, and went on to have a successful career as … something, because no one cared about him or this movie, except to mock it. But we do. We care, sir. Watch this movie. It’s awesome, for all the wrong reasons.




Films 10 greatest movies not to win the Best Picture Oscar Looking back, some all-time classics were absolutely robbed on Oscar night.

9. Waterworld (1995)

One of the best, terrible post-apocalyptic movies ever made, also one of the most expensive. It brings an interesting idea about a future where our planet is covered in water. Kevin Costner stars in this epic journey about love and perseverance in a future that is not unlike one that is predicted. The uninteresting dialogue drives home the image of a planet ravaged by global warming and the effects it has on a population.

6. Deep Blue Sea (1999)

Watch this movie for LL Cool J alone. A team of research scientists are in an underwater facility trying to find a cure for Alzheimer’s disease when multiple genetically engineered sharks go berserk in a blood-thirsty rage, destroying the facility. A wild adventure that received two subsequent films. A great movie for suspense and unanticipated humor.


Tusk is writer-director Kevin Smith’s second horror movie. You know Kevin Smith from his jorts, Chasing Amy, and Clerks. This movie is better than all of those, and is in fact the most stupendous movie you will ever watch … just not for the reasons you’d think.

Tusk tells the tale of a shock jock who goes to Canada and interviews a man who was lost at sea. But then the man knocks him out and tells him he’s going to turn him into a walrus. And then … he does! It is so beautiful. Check out that screengrab. Have you ever seen something more beautifully awful than Justin Long as a half-human, half-walrus? To be fair, there’s a lot of body horror in this film, but it’s so ridiculously over-the-top that only the most squeamish would be bothered by it. Add one of Johnny Depp’s last performances before becoming a full-time Tim Burton hanger-on — as a French detective with the most absurd accent on Earth — and you’ve got Kevin Smith’s funniest movie ever made.


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