This Simple Body Hack Will Completely Get Rid Of Your Gag Reflex

What causes gagging?

  • Apprehension: Dental anxiety can improve rapidly when you find a dentist you trust and you feel in good hands. In many cases, the gagging ceases completely.
  • A sensitive gag reflex: Some people have a very active gag reflex. There are many tips on this page which can help, but for some, there will remain certain no-go areas in their mouths. Sedation or hypnosis can help if that is the case.
  • Past experiences: A feeling that a threat to breathing or swallowing is about to occur is common in people who’ve had a past near-drowning experience. The gag reflex may kick in as a protective mechanism. It can also be related to past sexual or physical abuse or torture experiences.
  • Emetophobia (a fear of throwing up) often causes an intense fear of gagging, as gagging is perceived as a precursor to being sick. Ironically, trying not to gag may trigger the gag reflex (just like trying not to think of a pink elephant makes you think of… a pink elephant).

What if Youve Already Started to Gag?

This acupressure technique will work even if your gag reflex has already been stimulated and your child’s throat is starting to spasm.

Just quickly do what I show you below and the throat constriction will magically turn off!  In our family’s experience, the gag reflex is halted for about 30 seconds when this acupressure technique is employed.

My husband uses this technique occasionally when drinking ultra-strong homemade kefir that is fermented for several days.

The kefir is so sour that if you drink it too quickly, you can’t help but feel a wave of gagging coming on! When this happens, he uses this acupressure position to save himself from a highly unpleasant experience.


The Best Breathing Techniques for Deepthroating

Once you’ve chosen a great oral sex position, it’s time to sort out your breathing. When you try deepthroating a cock for the first time, you’ll find that breathing can be a little challenging. Here are three easy-to-master breathing techniques that you can try.

Time Your Breathing With the Movements

One of the best ways to master the right breathing technique for deepthroating is trying to imagine that you are trying to ‘inhale’ the cock, or ‘breathe’ it in. As you take the cock into your mouth, take a deep breath in and as you move the cock out, exhale. When you start out, you’ll want to take the cock into your mouth for just a few moments. When your gag reflex kicks in, hold the cock in place until it passes. Then take the cock out and exhale. Repeating this will give you plenty of time to inhale and exhale while still giving him an awesome deepthroat experience!

Breathe Through Your Nose

The second technique is to breathe through your nose during the split second between him pulling his cock out and you deepthroating it again. Depending on your anatomy and the size of his shaft, they may not be possible, but it’s worth trying. If you can master this trick, it’s a great way to breathe as much as you need while deepthroating!

Breathe During Breaks

Unfortunately, you may find the timing method and breathing through your nose doesn’t work for you. Luckily, there’s a third way: The third breathing technique I want to share with you involves taking a break from deepthroating after ten seconds or so and giving your guy some hand action while you take a few deep breaths. This lets you get enough oxygen in your lungs to last for another ten seconds of deepthroating without having to breathe.

I don’t expect ALL of these techniques to work. Instead, I suggest that you take some time to experiment with these breathing techniques and find out which one(s) you prefer. You may find that a combination of techniques helps you find the right rhythm and makes the deepthroating go much smoother!

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Whats Stopping You from Deepthroating?

At this point, you may be wondering, “If deepthroating is so damn hot, what isn’t everyone doing it?” Well, in general, there are two things that prevent most people from deepthroating:

Unless you happen to be in the lucky one-third of people who don’t have a gag reflex, your pharyngeal reflex is the main reason why deepthroating is so difficult to master! When you take a penis deep inside your mouth, it touches the back of your throat or tongue and triggers your gag reflex – bringing the activity to a swift end! That’s why the most important aspect of deepthroat training is learning how to control your gag reflex.

The second aspect is psychological: deepthroating involves putting a large object into your throat – a penis – and this can choke you! Understandably, this can make you nervous and apprehensive, causing the muscles around your mouth and throat to tense up – the last thing you need when you’re trying to deepthroat your guy!

Very often these two elements – physical and psychological – are closely related: you feel your gag reflex being triggered and you start to panic. Once you learn how to get your gag reflex under control, you’ll find it easier to relax and enjoy giving a deepthroat blowjob. In the next section, I’ll show you exactly how to do this!

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