The Going Rate for the Tooth Fairy in Each State


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Is the Tooth Fairy Real?

YES! (Or, so it appears). The Tooth Fairy may even be more popular than Santa and the Easter Bunny. In a Delta dental poll, the Tooth Fairy visited 81 percent of homes in America after children lost a tooth. Visits from the Tooth Fairy will outnumber combined visits from Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, at least while your children are still ‘believers.’ (And, trust me, kids will at least pretend to believe in the Tooth Fairy for as long as possible, because the Tooth Fairy brings money!)

What To Do If You Lose the Tooth Before the Tooth Fairy Comes

Some kids lose their tooth at school, at an activity, at a playdate. My daughter actually swallowed one of her super wiggly teeth while eating. But still—the Tooth Fairy knows all. Just have your child leave a note for the Tooth Fairy, telling them what happened. In fact, there’s a recent heartwarming story about a boy who lost his tooth at school and was so upset when he lost it. The principal wrote a letter, on official school letterhead, that read, “Dear Tooth Fairy, Andrew lost his tooth at school today. Please accept this letter to vouch for him as he will put it under his pillow. I know Andrew well and say that he is a fine young man. Andrew cannot find his tooth, but I assure you it is gone.” So sweet. Everyone loves the Tooth Fairy!

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