The Easiest way to peel apples

Introduction: Peeling Apples – the Hacked Way

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If you don’t need a drill, find a way to need it. So I wondered if it was possible to … peel an apple with it, for example. Why doing simple if it can be complicated? And, is it possible? Do you really think I’ll write an I’ble if it wasn’t? Enjoy, and you’ll get a famous dessert at the end! Needs: – some apples – drill – flat drill bit – potato peeler – old bicycle pump (oh yes!)

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How to peel apples for pies

There has been a discussion on whether apples for pies should be peeled or not. Some people say that they love the taste of apples with skin. Some argue that unpeeled apples are hard, rough and unpleasant and that they choke and are rough on the throat. Research shows that when apple peels are cooked they stick on the teeth.

On the other side, those who love apples with skin say that they add flavor, texture, and nutrients especially the organic ones. They add color to the pie and taste. To some, they prefer keeping them but soften by soaking in cinnamon and sugar. The apples with softer skin can be sliced into smaller chops and serve the purpose.

Subjectively, apples for pies should be peeled. The process of peeling these apples is effortless. You could have them drilled or peeled the traditional way using a vegetable peeler. For the traditional process, use a knife to cut apples’ top and bottom slightly. The cuts create a flat surface area. You could peel the apple vertically from top to bottom, or you could make round cuts from top to blossom end.

In any choice you go with, ensure that it is efficient and fast enough.  The drilling method makes it quite a fast process. Another process is blanching which will take you less than a minute for many apples.

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How to Peel

Using a vegetable peeler is the easiest and most efficient way to quickly get rid of the skin, but a paring knife can also do the trick.

  1. Using a Y-shaped peeler, start by peeling off the top and bottom of your apple. This gives you a good start and end point for the rest of your peeling process and helps stabilize the apple by creating a flat bottom.
  2. Make your way around the apple, peeling away from your body for safety, until the entire apple is peeled.
  3. Discard the skin of the apple (or reserve the peelings to make Apple Peel and Core Jelly.) You now have a perfectly peeled apple that is ready to be cut.

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How to Peel an Apple With a Vegetable Peeler

To peel an apple with a vegetable peeler, select the same standard Y-shaped peeler you would use for veggies like cucumbers and carrots. Holding the whole apple in your hand, or pressed down against a cutting board, bring the peeler downward in straight, consistent strokes. This method can be faster than peeling with a knife, but you may still need that knife to core apples or to brush up your work. Toss the leftover peels in a compost bin or incorporate them into a fruit smoothie.


How do I use my apple peeler in a mess-free way?

When you are using an apple peeler, the juices from the apple are likely to spill everywhere. It is best if you place a large tray underneath the item and rotate the handle in a slow and controlled way. 

Why does the apple keep getting squashed? 

If you are not using firm, fresh apples, then the coring blade is likely to squash the apple completely. You need to use firm apples if you want to get rid of the core smoothly. 

Can I sharpen the blades on the apple peeler?

If you are using a hand-held apple peeler, then you might be able to sharpen its blade by using a metal or diamond file. You can also use a honing tool or whetstone to sharpen the edges. You might be able to replace the blades of your apple peeler by unscrewing the hooks. You will be able to find replacement blades online or in your local hardware stores.

What is the white stuff on apple skin?

The white stuff that you see on the apples in the orchard is called the “bloom”. It is a waxy coating that is excreted from the apple to help protect and preserve the apple. It keeps the moisture in the apple from evaporating and helps the apples last longer. A quick wipe of your shirt and the coating will come right off but it is still best to wash your apples before you eat them.

Step 3: Removing Core

Dismatle an old bicycle pump – or try to find a pvc or alu tube. Clean it, and use it as a ‘core remover’. Done!

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How to peel apples with a drill

Peeling apples is a tedious activity. Considering the shape of the apple, it would be hard to peel an apple fast with a kitchen knife. With innovation, drills have been the newest hack used in peeling your apple. It’s easy, efficient and very fast. In fact, with time, you will learn to peel an apple with a drill in a few seconds.

In this process, you will require a vegetable peeler, apples, a fully charged drill, and a kitchen bin. A kitchen bin is meant for directing the peels because the process can be messy because they fly everywhere.

Wash your apples and spade thoroughly. Place the blade at the bottom of the apple. Turn on the drill with the peeler against the apple. Watch the apple peel in a circular motion from top to bottom. Repeat the process for all of your apples.

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