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Rumors suggest that an idea was considered where Chuck Aber would take over for Fred Rogers once Fred decided to retire from the Neighborhood. Viewers get a small glimpse of what this may have been like in Episode 1578, when Mister Rogers steps away for a few moments and Mr. Aber addresses the viewing audience.

How People Make Paper Bags

Mister Rogers talks about the time he fell down the stairs and hurt his ankle. He shows what his leg looked like in a cast and demonstrates how he walked with crutches. He sings “Peace and Quiet.” Chef Brockett stops by to show us his crutches and how he has learned to use them. He gives Mister Rogers a painting of a cupcake that he made while he was in the hospital. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Betty Templeton Jones talks with King Friday about his “three-cornered one” rule. Robert Troll and Betty try to persuade Lady Elaine to wear a hat. Lady Elaine shows them a three-cornered scarf that Chef Brockett made for her. Mister Rogers visits Alan Morrison who introduces his friends, Demarre and Anthony McGill, who play the flute and the clarinet. They explain that they are wearing formal clothes for a formal concert. All three musicians play a song together. Mister Rogers says they spend their time doing constructive things that do not hurt anyone, and how proud he is of them. He sings “I’m Proud of You.” Mr. McFeely brings a video called “How People Make Paper Bags.”


Mister Rogers once passed through Sesame Street, and on Episode 1483, Sesame Street's Big Bird returned the favor by visiting the Neighborhood of Make-Believe.

Amazon Prime

At one point in time, a bunch of Mister Rogers was streaming “for free” if you paid for Amazon Prime. This is no longer the case. If you want Mister Rogers on Prime, you’ve gotta pay for it, by signing up for a $4.99 PBS Kids account. That’s the deal now.

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How People Make Blue Jeans

Mister Rogers talks about costumes and puts on Bob Trow’s dog costume. Marilyn Barnett stops by to show some exercises that need two people. Mister Rogers explains and demonstrates what “spotting” means in gymnastics. Bob Trow stops by to pick up the dog suit and participates in the exercises. They agree that the most important thing is the person inside the costume. Mister Rogers says that it is good to talk about important issues with other people. He sings “It’s the Style to Wear a Smile.” Mr. McFeely brings a video called “How People Make Blue Jeans” and shows off his new jeans. He and Mister Rogers agree that no matter what you wear, it’s the inside of you that matters most. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Handyman Negri is exercising with the birds outside the castle. King Friday tells Negri to give the birds and Bob Dog their three-cornered hats. Bob Dog tries on several different hats until he gets one that fits. King Friday restates his rule that everyone must wear a three-cornered hat. Bob Dog talks to Chuck Aber and learns that Lady Elaine is spending alot of time in her “will not” room. Daniel shows Bob Dog the hat that he made for his imaginary friend Malcolm Apricot Dinko. James Michael Jones, Chuck Aber, and Bob Dog discuss why Lady Elaine will not wear a three-cornered hat. She states that she will wear what she wants. Chuck tells Edgar Cooke to give King Friday the message that Negri is still at work inspecting the neighborhood.

Apple TV/iTunes

Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood is available on iTunes, but it’s probably not your best option. Apple has a smattering of episodes organized loosely by year, starting in 1981. These episodes are $1.99 each. So, unless you absolutely need the 1981 episode about divorce stored on your iPhone, this isn’t the easiest or most cost-effective way to watch Mister Rogers.

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