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FAQs About Facebook

Is the View As feature gone on Facebook?

It was gone for 8 months temporarily, but now it is back since May 2019. If you didn’t look for it for a long time, you might not have noticed it.

Can you search on Facebook without an account?

Facebook allows non-members to make searches on the website. However, their search results are limited.

Can I be invisible on Facebook? Yes, you can adjust this from the Privacy section. Go to the Active Status and turn off the slider next to ‘Show When You’re Active.’

Viewing Your Profile as Public, or as a Specific Person on Mobile

Facebook Mobile also has the same feature, though enabling it is a bit different. Here’s what you need to do:

Open your Facebook App.

Go to your profile page

Open your Profile by either tapping on your Profile picture beside the textbox that says ‘What’s on your mind?’ or tapping on the Profile icon at the top menu. This is the icon to the left of the bell.

Tap ‘View As.’

Tap ‘View As.’

On the Profile Settings menu that appears, tap on View As. This will display your profile as someone not on your Friends List will see it.

Tap the Down Arrow to change views

Tap the Down Arrow to change views

Tapping on the arrow button will give you the option to either exit the ‘View As’ setting, or allow you to edit your profile.

Similar to the desktop version, the ‘View as

Similar to the desktop version, the ‘View as Specific Person Option’ has also been removed due to security reasons. Future updates may change this, but as of now, the option is disabled.


Step 2: Go to Timeline and Tagging

From the options located on the left side of your screen, click “Timeline and Tagging.” There, you can also control the options for tagged posts. For example, you can control who can see your tagged posts and enable the feature that allows you to review tagged posts before posting on your Timeline, and, finally, the reason you’re reading this article, what your profile looks like to other people.

Did Facebook get rid of View As?

Initially, the social media platform had created a 'View As' feature that directed you as an account holder on how to view your Facebook profile as someone else.

Unfortunately, the feature exposed most accounts to security threats. Hackers were able to steal account access tokens, which they would then use to take over those accounts.

Source: UGC
Image: pexels.comSource: UGC

Access tokens are digital keys which keep people logged into their accounts so that they do not need to re-enter their password every time they want to use the account. Because of the security issues, FB disabled the tool for a while as a measure to mitigate the threat.

The feature was later brought back. However, as it is, you can only see the social media account as public and not as specific friend like it was initially possible.

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How to View Your Facebook Profile as a Public User

Facebook allows you to share certain information publicly, with friends, with specific friends, or just with yourself. If you want to view your Facebook profile as the public sees it so you can see what others see (people who aren’t your friends), you can do so quite easily by using Facebook’s public viewing feature.

Just a few clicks puts your public-facing profile in front of you.

You can do this both on and the official Facebook app for iPhone/Android. Instructions are provided for both, however screenshots are provided only for

  1. Navigate to in a web browser or open the Facebook app on your device and select your profile icon in the post composer field or the top right corner of the page to go to your profile.

  2. On, select the three dots under your cover photo.

    In the app, select the three dots to the right of the blue Add Story button.

  3. Select View As.

  4. Your profile will be shown to you as if you were viewing it as a public user. This is how non-friends see your profile.

    If you notice something appears publicly that you want to hide from the public, you can adjust the privacy settings for that information.

Why Look At Your Profile Through The Public’s Eye?

Facebook is for looking at other people’s profiles

Facebook is for looking at other people’s profiles and keeping up with connections. However, users may find that it is also beneficial to be able to use the Facebook “View As” feature for a couple of vital reasons.


To see what other people may see when they look at a personal account, and everything that the users share can be a wake-up call. Facebook asks for contact information when someone first signs up that many may not want to be available to the public.

Some of these are important for privacy and may include birth date, relationship status, or where they live.

Tailoring a Profile

Manicuring is much easier to do when the user can look at it from the public perspective. If the user is running a business or trying to market themselves in a certain way on Facebook, it doesn’t matter how they see it; it matters how others do.


  • If your need to view the blocked profile can be construed as harassment, don’t attempt to do so.

    Thanks! Helpful 2 Not Helpful 1



Transitioning your Profile to a Page has additional benefits beyond compliance:

The benefits of using a Page for official communications go beyond public access and accountability. Page management is also easier for your and your organization:

  • You can assign appropriate Page Roles to other users in your organization to easily share the responsibility of Page maintenance. A profile represents a person and can’t be managed by others without risky shared logins.
  • You can smoothly transfer management of your Page when there is employee or office turnover.
  • You can set up autoresponses for frequently asked questions received through Facebook Messages.
  • You can see which posts are generating the most engagement and the demographic information of your visitors using the Page management and reporting capabilities.
  • You can pin posts to the top of your timeline to make sure they stay top of mind for your followers (you can’t do this on a Profile).
  • You still get to keep your Profile! Just commit to using it for your personal life and not your official business.

What to Look for on Facebook View Profile As Public

Now knowing Facebook view profile as and the publi

Now knowing Facebook view profile as and the public profile can be seen, what should be done? How does someone make sure they’re as safe as possible while using social platforms?

How does one tailor their profile to fit the image they want to share? With the right setting turned on, use the following guidelines to check privacy is intact.

  1. Scroll through the timeline. Check for any posts that someone else may have tagged the user in to verify it is something that matches the profile’s image.
  2. The left sidebar shows likes, places, music, and other things that the user may have liked. Make sure all of these things want to be attributed to the user.
  3. The About tab is one of the most important when it comes to protecting the security of the user using the “View As” feature. Things that they may not want showing up for friends or to the public are their birth date, relationship status, family members, religion, hometown, phone number, or email address, among others.
  4. Finally, look into friends list, photos, and in the More tab to cover all of the bases. Any changes made here will mostly be for manicuring purposes.

What Items To Check When Viewing Your Facebook Profile As Someone Else

1. Check Your Timeline Itself. Look at individual postings

2. On the left sidebar of your timeline, look at different items such as “likes” and “places” and “tv shows”, etc.

3. Click on the About tab and look at your “city”, “home town”, “places” “photos”, “email address”, “phone number”, etc.

4. You can also check out the “Friends” and “more” tab but most of these items are accounted for in the left sidebar of the timeline at this time.

Keeping Track of Your Uploads

In these modern times, social media has become something so mundane that it’s generally taken for granted. People post almost anything and everything, from big celebrations to what they’ve had for lunch. Keeping track of what you upload is important though, as you don’t want to share things with people who were not meant to see them.

Do you have any additional thoughts on how to view your profile as someone else would view it? Share your ideas in the comments section below.


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