How to use Smart Phone Flash Tool to Flash any BLU Smartphone?

How to flash Android phone from PC with USB cable?

First of all, you have to ensure you have at least 50% level of battery. Check your firmware compatibility as well. The Stock Firmware or Custom ROM can be downloaded from appropriate websites.

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Upload an Android USB Driver into the Hard Drive Disc of your computer. If you already have one, just skip this step.
  2. Remove your phone battery.
  3. Google and download Stock ROM or Custom ROM that need to be Flashed on your device. Extract the installation files on your PC.
  4. Download and install the Smartphone Flash software to your PC.
  5. Start the installed program.
  6. After you open it, you will see this interface:
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When all the required firmware programes are downloaded, you can start the second stage of the flashing process.

  1. As soon as you launch your Smart Phone Flash Software you can start Download.
  2. Afterwards click on the Scatter-Loading icon.
  3. Search for the Scatter File. It will be stored in the extracted Stock ROM folder.
  4. Start the Download process by clicking on the corresponding button.
  5. It will launch Flashing procedure as well.
  6. Connect your Android phone to PC with USB cord (if the battery is portable, you need to remove it). After you connect both devices, press Volume Down or Up button. It will help your PC to automatically identify your smartphone.
  7. As soon as Flashing process is done, you will see a Green Ring on your screen.
  8. Now you can close the Flashing software and disconnect your phone.
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 Everything is ready! Now your Android device is o

Everything is ready! Now your Android device is operating on the Stock ROM basis you uploaded in it.



What Can I Do If I Have Flash on My Website?

If you have a Flash animation or movie on your website, consider recording it as a video and uploading that instead. The easiest way of doing this would be to download Flash emulator Ruffle, launch the .SWF file on your local computer, and record it using screen recording software. If the video is in .FLV format, you can convert it with something like Handbrake and upload an .MP4 instead.


If your website is constructed entirely in Flash, it might be time to think about creating a new website. If you have elements of your existing website that you would like to preserve, Ruffle can help you out. The emulator uses a single line of JavaScript to automatically convert Flash content on the fly, with no download required by visitors.

If you encounter problems, make sure that your web server is configured to serve .WASM (Web Assembly) files correctly. Keep in mind that visitors will need to click on a “play” button for Ruffle to work.

STEP 3: Installing a Custom ROM/Kernel/Magisk

  1. Go to Install and select the ROM you wish to install.
  2. Right swipe on the ‘Swipe to confirm Flash’ to install the selected ROM.
  3. Currently, the ROM would be installed on the inactive slot (Slot A), whereas you are working on the active slot (Slot B).
  4. Go to ‘Reboot’ and select ‘Slot A’ – the current inactive slot on which the Custom ROM is installed.
  5. In order to make Slot A the active one, Reboot your device to Recovery. Tap the back button and select ‘Recovery’ from the TWRP ‘Reboot’ menu. Now flash ‘GApps‘ if required by your
  6. Now flash ‘GApps‘ if required by your ROM.
  7. [Optional] Flash a custom kernel if you want.
  8. [Optional for Custom ROM, Compulsory for Stock] Flash DM-VERITY & FORCE ENCRYPT DISABLER. This is needed to disable DM verity and encryption in the vendor partition. Most of the custom ROMs already do this. But Stock ROM doesn’t. So it is necessary to flash this file if you prefer to stay on the stock. Still, if you are using a custom ROM, consider flashing it. It wouldn’t do any harm even if isn’t required by your custom ROM.
  9. Now, if you want root access, consider flashing the ‘Magisk‘ zip file. Select ‘’ and right swipe to confirm flash.
  10. Finally, go to ‘Reboot’ and select ‘System’. This will reboot the device to the Android Operating System.
  • DON’T MISS: 

Can You Run an Old Version of Flash?

Adobe has removed all download links for Flash fro

Adobe has removed all download links for Flash from its website, which means that you can’t even download the final version (released in December 2020) from an official source.

The company also built a kill switch into Flash from version onward. If you’re using that version or later, Flash content simply won’t run anymore. You’ll see an “Adobe Flash Player is blocked” message on websites in Google Chrome, for example.

According to Andkon Arcade, the last version of the plug-in that doesn’t include the killswitch is For Flash content hosted on the web to run in your browser, you’ll need to be using an outdated version of the plug-in. We cannot recommend that you do this in good faith, particularly considering the security issues that hounded Flash until the day it was shut down.

STEP 1- Setting Up Your Device

If you are coming from a stock ROM, you need to wipe your data and files. Follow the below points:

  1. First off, connect your device to PC via the USB Cable.
  2. Next, in the PowerShell window, type in the below code to boot your device to fastboot mode:
  3. Now type the below code to wipe all of your device’s data and files:

An important point worth discussing: The custom ROM you are about to flash will be flashed to the inactive slot. So we will be starting this tutorial by taking Slot B as the active slot (hence Slot A would be the inactive slot- where the custom ROM would be installed). If you have Slot A as the active, change it right now by typing the below code in the PowerShell Window:

It’s time to flash the BIOS

Once the process is done, what we should see is something very similar to this:

We already have the GPU ready for the flashing of

We already have the GPU ready for the flashing of the BIOS of new invoice. The command to do it is again very simple:

  • For a GPU -> nvflash -6 lipname.rom (in our case RTX.rom)
  • For several GPUs -> nvflash -ix -6 lipname.rom (where x is the number of the GPU that we have in the –list command)

It goes without saying that in the case of wanting to flash two or more GPUs, the processes will have to be repeated GPU by GPU, so everything is a little slower. Assuming everything is well written, what we should see for the GPU is this:

There are several considerations to take into acco

There are several considerations to take into account here before pressing the “Y” key on the keyboard, as there is no going back afterwards. First, the EEPROM, the IDs may not match if we have changed the BIOS from another manufacturer, it is normal, but the version, model, voltage and size of the physical BIOS on the PCB is important.

In our case, both BIOS versions are the same, we are flashing the same one, so the data is the same. Another detail that we must look at is the motherboard (board), except for specific exceptions, we should see that it is a normal version. If the BIOS is detected as another version, be careful, you have to make sure of the PCBs very well.

If everything is correct, it only remains to press the Y and the process will begin.

After reaching 100% what we will see is the same a

After reaching 100% what we will see is the same as we have in the image above, changed the versions and little else. We will be asked to restart the PC, which we will access. After the restart, it only remains to enable the GPU again from the device manager to be able to enjoy the new BIOS on our NVIDIA GPU.

After enabling the GPU, the screen will flicker an

After enabling the GPU, the screen will flicker and sometimes the driver may need to recognize the GPU again, which may take a few minutes, but nothing to write home about.


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