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How long is Horace (2019)?

How long is Horace (2019)? HowLongToBeat has the answer. Create a backlog, submit your game times and compete with your friends!

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Elden Ring Main Story Path: Mountaintops of the Giants

After all the major bosses are dead, it’s finally time to start Elden Ring’s endgame. To do so, players need to visit the Forge of the Giants, but like many areas before it, a boss blocks the path.

In order to progress to the Forge, you’ll have to venture through the Mountaintops of the Giants (which becomes accessible through Leyndell after you’ve beaten that city’s bosses). This region houses only one necessary boss: the Fire Giant. Once players have killed this boss (and thus killed the last of the giants), they are awarded 180,000 runes, the Fire Giant’s Remembrance, and a clear path to the Forge of the Giants.

Elden Ring Main Story Path: Stormhill

Players are guided towards Stormveil Castle, but before they can enter, they must pass through Stormhill. This area gives players their first true mandatory boss: Margit, the Fell Omen. Players need to defeat him to progress, and if they do, they will find themselves 9,000 runes richer, and with a new Talisman Pouch that lets them equip an additional Talisman.

If gamers can’t seem to defeat Margit, they should visit Murkwater Cave. While this location is an optional dungeon, its end boss, Patches, turns into a merchant if spared. While he peddles many overpriced items, he also sells Margit’s Shackle, which temporarily binds Margit to the ground so players can get in a few extra shots on the boss.

How Long Does Bayonetta Take to Beat

 · How Long Does Bayonetta Take to Beat. With the bundled copy of Bayonetta comes a set of nostalgic expectations, fortunately, the time it takes to beat is still a decent investment.

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Take the portal to Erebus—well, most of the time

Sometimes, when you clear a room, you’ll see a purple portal open up. For the cost of roughly 20 percent of your health, that portal will take you to Erebus, the realm of Chaos, one of the Greek mytheme’s primordial entities. Nine times out of ten, it’s worth hopping in. Chaos offers boons of the double-edged variety: They’ll give you a serious bonus, but only if you can survive a few chambers with an equally serious hindrance.


Here’s a sampling of Chaos’ offerings.Screenshot: Supergiant / Kotaku

The best, in my mind, are boons that double or, sometimes, triple how much Darkness you earn. If you’ve leveled up Dark Regeneration, that means you’ll usually get fully healed every time you find Darkness. Plus, that Darkness can be used to boost even more permanent upgrades between runs. It’s an invaluable strategy, particularly if you’re building a loadout with few defensive bona fides. But there are a few situations in which a visit to Erebus isn’t worth it:


  • You don’t want to accept one of Chaos’ boons right before a boss fight. It’s sometimes tough to tell when you’re approaching the end of a realm, but if you feel like you’ve cleared eight or so chambers, you’re probably nearing a boss chamber. Before such fights, the last thing you want to do is slash your speed in half, or make it so you lose twice as much health from every attack. Taking on rank-and-file enemies with such shackles isn’t a death sentence. Bosses? That’s a different story.
  • Face it: If your health bar is already blinking red, you’re probably not in a stable enough position to take on a boon from Chaos.
  • One boon from Chaos is usually enough per run. If you’ve already scored a good one, don’t push your luck.


But let’s say you miscalculate and venture into Erebus without thinking. The bad news is that you can’t leave without accepting a boon. The good news is that there’s usually one challenge that’s relatively doable, though, on the flip side, won’t grant you much of a bonus. For example, you might have to go a few rooms without earning gold (easy-peasy) to snag a negligible boost to your attack. Though you’ll miss out on a good prize, at least you won’t get wiped in the boss chamber.

Invest in the best skills

If you’re close enough to taste victory, you’re well aware of the Mirror of Night’s alternate skills. These are the most helpful for seeing you through to the end:

  • Instead of Chthonic Vitality, max out the Dark Regeneration skill. For every trove of Darkness you discover, you’ll restore a proportionate chunk of your health. When the skill is fully leveled, you get 60 percent back. When you take on a boss you’ve already defeated with a weapon you’ve already used to defeat them, you’ll get a massive Darkness bonus. In Tartarus and Asphodel, at least, it’s usually enough to bring you back up to full health, so long as you’ve maxed out Dark Regeneration. It’s infinitely more helpful than the pittance of health you can get from Chthonic Vitality (which restores just 3 health points per chamber, max).
  • Max out Thick Skin. That way, you’ll start each run with 100 health, rather than a measly 50. Forget about High Confidence. It’s useless for your purposes.
  • Family Favorite is an easy choice. Since you’ll accrue a ton of varied boons as you play, this skill—which can give you a 5-percent attack boost for every Olympian you’ve accepted a boon from—only builds on top of that foundation. Let’s do some quick math: Complete one Trial of the Gods, and that means you’ll get an overall 10 percent boost to your attacks. Find just two more Olympians, and that jumps to 20 percent. Throw on a fifth boon, and now every attack you do will deal 25 percent damage. You can see how Family Favorite adds up.
  • Choose Stubborn Defiance over its counterpart, Death Defiance. Yes, Stubborn Defiance only revives you with 30 percent health, rather than the 50 percent you’d get from Death Defiance. But you can use it once per chamber. This way, when you inadvertently step on a spike trap (hey, it happens), you won’t consign that run to failure.


Whatever you need to do to max out these skills, make that your first order of business. That might mean dedicating sole runs to accruing as much Darkness as possible, in lieu of boons and other upgrades that would only help you for one escape attempt. It might mean visiting the Wretched Broker (in the lounge) and trading other valuable resources for some extra Darkness. The point is, for a few throwaway runs, investing in these upgrades should be your top priority.

There is no game 2: wrong dimension

This is an outcome of the first part. Recently, Kamizoto has been putting out teasers and hinting at possible play-testing, indicating that the release may be close. This game will be the same classic puzzle with a different story. After “there is no game’s” success, hopefully, its second part will also be a success of Kamizoto.

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Best Moments to Attack Grafted Scion

As Grafted Scion Appears at Start of Battle

As soon as Grafted Scion lands on the battlefield, run up and get a free hit or two. Then immediately back away.

After Grafted Scion Roars

Grafted Scion’s roar does some damage so it’s best to keep away until he finishes. Then run up to him and perform a running attack.

After Grafted Scion’s Double Spin Attack

Grafted Scion will perform a double spin slash in place. You can do a running attack right after his second slash misses.

After Grafted Scion’s Shield Bash

Grafted Scion’s Shield Bash leaves him open for a short while. It’s only advisable to get a hit in if you’re a bit closer to him.

During Grafted Scion’s 7-Hit Combo

This move is a bit tricky and requires precise timing. During the first four flashes of Grafted Scion’s combo, stay away. Then, right after he finishes his fourth slash, flank him to the left by dodging his thrust attack. Try to get behind him as he does his final two slashes. Then, you will have enough time to get two hits in.

When Grafted Scion Mashes the Ground

This move is the easiest to take advantage of. Simply walk backwards while Grafted Scion is performing this attack. His final jumping ground pound attack leaves him open for quite a while, so unleash a strong attack or a jumping attack.

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It may not offer a ton of replay value, but that first journey is an absolute pleasure. Fortunately for gamers who fell in love with the first installment, rumor has it that the sequel There Is No Game: the Wrong Dimension may be released in the not-too-distant future.

Whether you’re killing time on your lunch break or just looking for a fun puzzler that’s easily digestible, it is guaranteed to make you crack a grin. It’s not the most polished or in-depth puzzle, and that’s just fine. What it does, it does extremely well.

One of the coolest aspects of it is that you don’t need an ultra-beefed-up PC or console to play it. It’s perfect for passionate gamers and casual dabblers alike, thanks to its user-friendly barrier of entry.

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