How to Lure a Mosquito Out of Hiding in Your Bedroom (Proven Methods)

How to Attract Mosquitoes?

Believe it or not, it is relatively easy to attract mosquitoes. Below are the things that can bring the mosquitoes out of hiding.

  1. Sweat

Have you ever wondered why mosquitoes are always present in areas with higher humidity levels? Well, similar to other living beings, mosquitoes need water to survive and reproduce. Thus, it is no surprise if mosquitoes also love sweat.

  1. Dark Clothing

Mosquitoes use their vision to find their host. They are usually attracted to dark colors, such as black, navy, and blue. So if you wear any of these colors, you are at a higher risk of luring them out of their hiding place.

  1. Perfume and Scented Lotions

Floral scents from perfumes and lotions can also attract mosquitoes. Thus, applying these products can get them out of their hiding place.

  1. Body Temperature

Besides dark clothing and your scent, mosquitoes also find your body warmth attractive. They can actually sense your body heat from a few yards away. The higher your temperature, the more likely the mosquitoes will locate you.

  1. Blood Type

Blood type is another factor that can attract mosquitoes to a certain group of people. In fact, a study shows that mosquitoes are more likely to bite individuals with type O blood, even in a controlled environment.

  1. Alcohol

Drinking alcohol causes your skin to secrete a certain chemical that mosquitoes like. And since alcoholic beverages can increase your body temperature, it is no doubt a huge mosquito attractor.

  1. People Who Eat A Lot of Potassium and Salt

When you eat foods rich in lactic acid, potassium, and salt, you are more likely to attract mosquitoes. So if you wish to avoid them, it is best to eat a healthy and balanced diet.

  1. Pregnant Women

Pregnant women can also attract more mosquitoes than the average woman. That is because pregnant women exhale more carbon dioxide. They also have more blood circulating through their bodies as well as higher body temperatures.

Things You’ll Need

Catching a Mosquito with a Light

  • Incandescent light bulb
  • Vacuum
  • Rolled up newspaper or magazine
  • Cup
  • Small piece of paper

Building a Trap with a Fan

  • Mesh screen material
  • Magnets
  • Plastic zip-ties
  • Spray bottle
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Water
  • White towel
  • High-velocity fan
  • Extension cord

Using a Plastic Bottle Filled with Bait

  • 1 cup (240 mL) of water
  • 14 cup (59 mL) of brown sugar
  • A pot
  • Cooking thermometer
  • Stove or electric burner
  • 1 package of dry activated yeast
  • 1 empty 2-liter bottle
  • Duct tape
  • Knife
  • Black construction paper


What You May Not Know About Mosquitoes

It is not enough to learn about what attracts mosquitoes and what can repel them. You may also want to get to know some facts about them, so you can understand them better.

First, there are over 3,000 different species of mosquitoes throughout the world. And each one has a unique feeding habit. In fact, some species are not attracted to blood at all. Others also feed during the day, while a few are active in the evening.

Second, female mosquitoes are the only ones who bite humans because they need the nutrients in your blood to lay eggs. Male mosquitoes and female mosquitoes that are not laying eggs simply feed on nectar.

Third, mosquitoes can detect traces of carbon dioxide from 75 feet away. So now you know why they can instantly find you even in the dark.

Finally, if you want to repel bugs around your yard, you can grow marigolds. This plant produces a fragrance that insects do not like. If all of this doesn’t work and you have a persistent mosquito problem in your yard, check out our review of the Best Mosquito Foggers.

How to Keep Mosquitoes Away from the Patio

Use a Fan

Not only will a fan provide cooling air for you and your guests while you use the patio, but it also keeps the mosquitoes away.

The insects have trouble flying in the rapidly moving air and will have to relocate. While this solution is only temporary, it can allow you to enjoy your outdoor space more often. For best results, use several fans, set on high, and cover the entire space with a cooling breeze.

Keep Natural Mosquito Repellent Plants on the Patio

Fill containers with plants that naturally repel mosquitoes to keep mosquitoes away from patio areas and indoor spaces. There are many plants that mosquitoes hate, so you can choose the plants that best suit your decor.

We’ve talked about the essential oils of some of these plants already, but if you have a green thumb, the plants themselves could be your answer.

tb1234 Marigolds or CalendulaCitronella plants: Citronella winterianus or Cymbopogon nardusBeebalm or HorsemintAgeratum or FlossflowersCatnipGarlicHoly BasilLavenderLemongrassRosemary tb1234

Use these plants around the patio and doors or inside the house for the best results. Put them in pots, hanging baskets or planters, and scatter them around the area.

Do mosquitoes hide in clothes?

Yes, mosquitoes hide in fabrics and clothing are just one of them.

They also like blankets, drapes, curtains, and even carpeting. They’re not picky and soft fabrics offer them a soft surface that’s easy to grab and warm to the touch.

Your clothes are just one source. If you have a lot of clothes (like your closet or dresser/armoire), then this is just layers upon layers of soft, warm surfaces for them to nest and wait for their next meal.

They’re not picky of where they hide- they just need a source of shelter, mammalian blood, and humidity from water. This is why they’re so prevalent. Everything from the used tire trade to your own car is a possible home for mosquitoes.

Why Are There Mosquitoes in My Room?

How is it possible that a mosquito gets in your room, even if you have tried everything to prevent it?

Mosquitoes may find their way in the room through some very small holes. Mosquitoes might also come in your room when you enter or exit, without you noticing it.

Where Do Mosquitoes Hide Inside the House?

There may be a few different places where mosquitoes hide.

One common place where mosquitoes may hide is a sink drain pipe. This is especially true if the sink has not used for a while. Therefore, when you notice that there are mosquitoes in your house, and you have sink drain pipes that are not often used, you should regularly pour water into them.

Furthermore, mosquitoes may hide in some houseplants. The best practice would be to avoid watering the plants in excess.

Remember to check all other places where there is still water, such as the water bowls of your pets or all kinds of watering cans.

How do I get rid of mosquitoes in my room at night?

So if you have multiple lights in your room, turn them all off except for the smallest one- a night light, candle, or even the bright light emanating on your phone’s screen. All of these will bring the mosquito out of hiding because they gravitate towards light.

How Many Times Can A Mosquito Bite You?

Mosquitoes are insects that can bite many times; t

Mosquitoes are insects that can bite many times; they will bite their victims every time they can. Female mosquitoes bite and draw blood for their eggs.

But even if they have bitten and if they have eaten once, they can bite again. They can feed several times without a problem. A single mosquito can bite dozens of times in a single night if given a chance.

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Can you sleep with mosquito repellent?

What Can Happen? If you do go to sleep with the remnants of the morning’s bug spray still on your skin, you’ll likely be fine. Children, especially, should never wear insect repellant any longer than necessary. The longer they wear it, the greater chance they have of getting it on their hands or face and ingesting it.

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How To Eliminate Mosquitoes In Your Bedroom At Night?

If you want to get rid of mosquitoes at night, you can follow the following tips:

You can sleep under a mosquito net and see how the mosquitoes will be away from you. It will be like a protective shield that will help keep these nasty insects away.

If you want to get rid of mosquitoes, your best ally will be a fan. It will be enough to fly these annoying pests because it will prevent them from flying; with the current of air, you can deter mosquitoes. Since they will not fly against the wind, it will take them a few meters away from you.

You can position the fan to blow towards your exposed parts of your body. So any mosquito that wants to get close to your face will be greeted with a strong rush of air.

Fans can also absorb mosquitoes and will be cut off by the blades.

May wear long pants and long sleeves to bedtime.

Long pants and long sleeves will leave less exposed skin for mosquitoes. This means that they won’t be able to bite you so easily; if you get undressed at night, you’ll still be protected.

•  You can use insect repellent

Using an insect repellent is a very good idea to keep mosquitoes away. You should apply it to your skin, top bedding, and other surfaces; this deters pesky insects and won’t land on you.

You should not apply repellent to your sheets, pillow, face, and under clothing. You should wash your bedding more often if you use these types of products.

It is always good to clean your bedroom frequently to keep it neat and spotless. This will keep most of the insects away, and you will be able to sleep peacefully.

Make sure you have the windows closed, and if you want to leave them open, you have mosquito nets. The best screens will prevent mosquitoes from entering; you should also seal the cracks and holes in doors and windows.

How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes in the Home

Having mosquitoes in the house can be really frustrating, but there are a number of ways to deal with the problem.

Get Rid of Breeding Grounds

One of the most likely causes of having mosquitoes in your house is water. You may be sustaining the mosquito population by helping them to breed in your home.

A mosquito laying a ‘raft’ of eggs
A mosquito laying a ‘raft’ of eggs

Mosquitoes lay their eggs mostly on water or in damp places. You may be providing the perfect breeding ground in your house without even realizing it. Do a thorough search throughout your house to find any small pools of water.

Check the bathroom, planter drainage trays and pipes for any damp areas, leaks or standing water. If you have a lot of house plants with drainage trays, make sure you periodically check the water. Look for any wriggling or movement, as this could be the next generation of mosquitoes swimming around.

Mosquito larvae positioned in standing water
Mosquito larvae positioned in standing water

Small bodies of water like this in your house need to be constantly drained or replaced to prevent the breeding of mosquitoes. It can be a hassle to keep on top of, but is worth doing, to keep the mosquito population to a minimum in your house.

Air Circulation  

Mosquitoes are not very strong flyers and you can use this to your advantage. If you have any stand or ceiling fans, put them on to increase air circulation. Mosquitoes will find it difficult to enter or stay in a room if there is strong airflow inside it.

If you already have good quality and well-fitted mosquito nets at your doors and windows, these can help too. With the screen in place and your doors or windows open you can allow air to circulate through your house. This will work best on a windy day. Make sure the screens are intact, however, or you may attract more mosquitoes as they come in to seek shelter from the wind.

Incense and Oils

Some scents and smells are natural repellents against mosquitoes. A great way to get rid of mosquitoes in your house is to burn essential oils or incense. Some of the best scents to look for are citronella, clove and cinnamon.

There are a wide variety of different natural oils that naturally repel mosquitoes. Do some research to find a smell that you like, to burn in your house. Not only will you be solving your pest problem, but you will be filling the house with a pleasant aroma, too.

The best way to use essential oils for repelling mosquitoes is by using an oil burner. You can also mix a few of your favorite oils together, to increase the repelling power. Just be sure to choose oils that are known to repel the insects.

Mosquitoes will find the strong smell repulsive and will want to find different air. The smells will also make it difficult for them to identify you in the house, thus making them less likely to bite.

If you don’t want to burn the essential oils, you can also apply them to the skin as a natural insect repellent. The oils should be mixed with a carrier oil and applied regularly to ensure the most effective coverage.

There are many different recipes for natural insect repellent sprays online. Many of these recipes use different essential oils.

Incense is another great option to repel mosquitoes. This can also effectively be burned outside if you don’t want your house to get too smokey. Burn mosquito-repelling incense while sitting outside, to keep the mosquitoes away. Alternatively, burn the incense outside your door and windows, to stop the mosquitoes from trying to enter the home.

Trap and Kill

There are a few easy and effective ways to trap and kill mosquitoes without using chemical sprays. The first option is beer. Mosquitoes are very attracted to beer and will be drawn to it, wherever it is placed.

Place a cheap bottle of open beer onto the porch of your house, or in a room where you have a lot of mosquitoes. Leave the bottle unattended for a few hours, to trap and kill the mosquitoes. They will be drawn to the bottle, fly inside for a drink and will most likely drown or be trapped inside.

A similar trapping method, without the use of alcohol, is a simple mix of soapy water. Mix a few drops of dish soap into a bottle of warm water and leave unattended, just like the beer. Mosquitoes can be very attracted to dish soap and will end up trapping themselves inside the bottle.

When using this method it is very important to remove yourself from the equation. If you set up these traps and decide to hang around, you will most likely get bitten. Humans are still more attractive to a mosquito than beer or soap.

Call a Professional

If you are still struggling to get the mosquitoes out of your house with natural methods then you may want to call a bug exterminator. They will assess the situation in your house and can pinpoint any problem areas you may have missed. However, when it comes to tackling the problem, they will most likely use harsh chemicals.

With that in mind, we would only recommend calling an exterminator if you feel your mosquito problem is really out of control. You may have to leave your house for a few days after the chemicals have been sprayed, for your own safety. Once the mosquitoes have all been killed, you must focus on prevention.



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