How to Insert a Hyperlink in Gmail [Text & Images]

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Benefits of creating hyperlinks

Hyperlinks are helpful because they provide recipients of emails with an easy way to view important links. They also provide employees with an organized approach to sending links as opposed to pasting an entire URL into an email. This is especially beneficial when you want to share multiple links in one email, as hyperlinks can make a message shorter and more concise. If you use a hyperlink, a recipient can also simply click on the link instead of manually copying and pasting the URL into a new tab.

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Adding text and image hyperlinks in the Gmail message body is an excellent way to promote your products, website, social media pages, or more. Without cluttering your message with long strings of symbols and letters, you can use a well-formatted link to get your message across.

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How to Hyperlink a Word or Phrase in Gmail

Now that you know how to create a hyperlink in your Gmail signature, you might be interested in adding a link to a Gmail message that you send to someone.

To create a link in Gmail open a Compose window, type the text that you want to link, then select it.

Click the Insert link button at the bottom of the Compose window, then type or paste the link into the link field and click OK.

If you use Gmail in Outlook and want to use a signature there as well, then find out more about using signatures in Outlook and see what you need to do with that program.

Add Text Hyperlink in Gmail Signature:

  1. Sign in to Gmail from a desktop browser.
  2. Click the gear icon in the top right corner.
  3. Select “Settings” from the drop-down menu.
  4. Under the “General” section, scroll down and locate “Signature.” The editing box to the right of Signature allows you to type up and customize your signature.
  5. Add your signature text.
  6. Highlight the part of the text you’d like to be clickable, i.e., the anchor text.
  7. Select the “insert link” icon at the top formatting bar. The Edit Link dialog box should appear.
  8. Fill in the Text to display box and provide the Web address you want to link to. Don’t forget to test if the link works.

Important: Make Sure the Link Works

It’s really easy to accidentally not select the image properly and create a new link rather than link the image. That’s why it’s important to test the image link before you hit Send.

To do this, click on the image and the URL will appear just below it, followed by “Go to link.” If it’s incorrect, repeat the steps and make sure to fully select the image before adding the link.

How to Hyperlink an Image

Step 1. Open Gmail and sign in.

Step 2. Compose a new email.

Step 3. Click on the Insert photo icon at the bottom of the email (or drag and drop an image from your device).

Step 4. Click on the image into which you want to

Step 4. Click on the image into which you want to insert a hyperlink.

Step 5. Click Change in the toolbar under the imag

Step 5. Click Change in the toolbar under the image.

Step 6. Type in the URL you want to link to and click OK.

Step 7. Go back to the image in your email and che

Step 7. Go back to the image in your email and check the right URL appears in the text box when you click on the image. When you hover on the link, the URL should be displayed, with an option to Change or Remove the link.

Right Inbox lets you insert GIFs into an email, which you can also add a hyperlink to. Simply click the Add GIF button at the top of the compose window, and follow the same process as you would an image.

How to Resize the Image

If you’re not happy with the size of the image, click on it and resize it by clicking on one of the corners. You can make it as big or small as you’d like by dragging it until it is a perfect size. To add the hyperlink to your image, click as many times as necessary to the right of the image until it turns blue. When the image is highlighted in blue, click on the link icon at the bottom.

When you click OK, the text you wanted the link to show will be right under the image. If you ever want to remove it or make any changes to it, click on the image to see the options for that. You can also see the address you added in case you forget to double-check the URL you added.

To test that the link works, click on the “Test this link” option right below where you entered the URL. A new window will appear with the URL’s website. If everything looks and works okay, you can click on the blue OK button at the bottom-right.

If you click on the “Remove” option, the link will be removed, but the text that you added will remain below the image. To remove it, just erase. By clicking on the URL when you click on the image, the site you added will be opened in a new tab and not in a new window.

How to create a hyperlink in your Gmail signature

The tips we’ve given so far apply only to adding text or image hyperlinks to Gmail messages. But what about adding hyperlinks to your Gmail signature?

Your signature appears in every email you send, making it the perfect place to add links to your website, social media pages, or even a top piece of content you really want to show off. You can do this with both text and image hyperlinks.

Both begin the same way––by opening your signature settings in Gmail.

To find them, log in to the Gmail web app. On the home dashboard, select the gear icon in the upper right hand corner:

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