FedEx delivered wrong package to my house

Why Didn’t My Package Arrive From FedEx?

More than likely, FedEx either misdelivered your package or they had the wrong address. Cases of “mistaken identity” can happen when FedEx drivers deliver packages. This is especially true in neighborhoods with similar looking houses.

In some cases, FedEx simply has the wrong address. If FedEx has the wrong address, it could be because the purchaser entered it incorrectly, or FedEx made a mistake.

For example, let’s say that you recently changed addresses. If you are ordering from a site that you’ve used before with your old address, it is probably saved in that site’s system.  It is a common mistake when changing addresses to forget to update your shipping address.

What kind of an address marker does your house or apartment have? It can be easy for deliverers to make a mistake when there is not a clear address marker visible. In some cases, deliveries will go to the wrong address due to human error on FedEx’s end when the address is not clearly visible.

Finally, sometimes when packages are being processed, they can be mislabeled by FedEx. Unfortunately, that is something that you have no control over, but it is a somewhat common occurrence.


How Do You File A Claim With FedEx?

Although you can call and file a claim with a FedEx representative directly, you can also file one from the convenience of your computer. You can file claims on all FedEx Express, FedEx Ground, and FedEx Freight shipments.

This also includes shipments made within the United Sates, from the United States to other countries, and shipments from Canada to the United States.

Filing a claim with FedEx is an easy five-step process:

  1. To start your claim, fill out and complete the online claim form.
  2. Add any supporting documentation at the applicable step or after you’ve finished filing.
  3. Once complete, submit the online claim form.
  4. Conduct your own inspection, or schedule one.
  5. Track the status of your claim online.

How to File a Claim If FedEx Delivered to Wrong Address

To file a claim with FedEx follow the steps given below:

  • Step 1: Visit the FedEx Claim site.
  • Step 2: Enter the tracking number or the progressive number in the box provided.
  • Step 3: Go to the “Claim Type” option.
  • Step 4: From the Drop-down Menu, choose the type of claim which you want to make.
  • Step 5: Click on “Continue”. 
  • Step 6: A page will open showing you the updated information of your package.
  • Step 6: Scroll down to the end of this page to the “Claim Details” section.
  • Step 7: Fill out the details of your shipments here.
  • Step 8: Further scroll down if you have any photos or documents to prove the package’s value or any other shipment details that might come handy in identifying your parcel. 
  • Step 9: Check the details once and then click “Continue”.
  • Step 10: Now you will be required to add your contact information like name, address, phone number, method of contact, etc. in the respective fields provided.
  • Step 11: Next, select the option to choose if you are the receiver or the shipper.
  • Step 12: Click “Continue”.

Step 13: Check if all the information you have entered are correct on the final review screen before hitting on the “Submit” button.

Does FedEx pay for lost packages?

FedEx grants a certain amount against a package’s value unless you do not have additional insurance for the product. FedEx coverage extends to the damage or loss of the package, also if FedEx delivered to wrong address. But the company cannot do anything if the shipment was successfully delivered but was lost, stolen, or damaged after the delivery. In such cases, FedEx will not take any responsibility.

Package wrongly delivered to my address

  • If the place was rented before you moved in there, then the misdelievered package most likely belongs to the previous owners. Or maybe it was just a delivery mistake to a wrong address with the courier company. In either way, you should ask the courier company to contact the sender of the package and try to resend it to the right recipient.
  • You changed the address after the order was placed. Sometimes it takes longer than expected for the courier to inform the assigned driver about the changes and re-routing of the package. Another situation is that if you change the delivery address once the package is on its way, then most likely the package will be delivered to the other, wrong, address.
  • FedEx, UPS, DHL or other courier driver may delivered the package to a wrong address because they could not see the indicated house number. To ensure that the package will not be misdelivered to another, wrong, address in the neighbourhood, we suggest you add a more visible and larger house plate number, in case the one you currently have is smaller.
  • The tracking status says delivered, but you did not accept the package. Occasionally, for some reason, boxes might be marked by the courier as “delivered” even before its actual arrival. Sometimes, the courier will update the status even prior to delivery, as they already know they will deliver it not long after. The carrier could show up later, even though the tracking system indicates something different.

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FedEx Delivered to the Wrong Address: Let’s Explore the Solutions 

1. What to do when my FedEx package says delivered, but I never received it?

Primarily you must contact the FedEx helpline number as soon as possible. Then ask for the required representative. The company can run a trace on the shipment. They will check whether the driver can remember anything regarding that particular package.

Then you should directly contact the shipper. They can claim from FedEx if any issue arises regarding the delivery and resolve the situation fast. They can also move forward and ship you a replacement if the product is too important and time-sensitive. In the meantime, they can resolve the issue with FedEx.

For future delivery, request a direct signature. This will check the problem of wrong delivery to a large extent. You can also request for pick-up-at-location shipment. Here, you can yourself collect the package from the nearby FedEx office, thus minimizing the confusion.

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2. Does FedEx replace a stolen package?

FedEx is very fast regarding its services. If there is an issue with a stolen package, contact FedEx at once. Generally, it does not take more than 5-7 business days to resolve a claim. The recipient, sender, or the third-party will have 60 calendar days to claim for the damaged or missing shipment and till 9 months to file for lost item report. You should not lose any paper or message or any evidence whatsoever regarding the shipment in question.

3. Does FedEx refund for stolen packages?

If FedEx has enough evidence and proof that the driver has left the package at the doorstep of the house address mentioned, then there will be no refund from FedEx. The tracking is done mostly through the GPS of the carriage. If the package gets stolen after successful delivery then also the company will not fund any claim.

4. Do FedEx employees steal packages?

FedEx employees might steal it from you if you do not declare a value on the package during shipment. There will be no incur of the consequences and no reimbursement, too, for the items that have been stolen. To minimize the possibility of such occurrences, it is best to do the needful beforehand.

5. How does FedEx investigate lost packages?

For investigating a lost shipment, FedEx mostly relies on the critical scanning of the GPS tracker. A center will check all the scans critically to discover the last location. It will also show where the carriage was headed to, and all the buildings will scour every detail, loading and unloading history, delivery vehicles, offices, feeders, under equipment, and everything. They will continue to search until they can trace the shipment.

Tracking Status of the USPS Package that says Delivered

If you were tracking your parcel and now the status of your parcel says delivered, it does not necessarily mean USPS delivered to wrong address.

A few days ago I ordered a bag online and I had to go through a similar experience. I was tracking my package regularly and suddenly it said that USPS delivered my package. Like any normal person, my mind flipped and I started thinking of the worst possible scenario. USPS delivered to wrong address? Did I not enter the correct address? Is it even possible for me to get my package back now?

But to my surprise and ease, after waiting an extra business day for my bag to be delivered, it was delivered.

However, you may want to contact your local USPS post office at once if you experience a situation like this. It’s best to be proactive and take the situation in your own hands instead of sitting down and waiting for things to fix on their own.

I personally had to wait one more day because it was a weekend and there was really nothing much I could do.

Things to Do In case of International Delivery:

  • You should keep a check on your mailbox regularly, in case your local post office sends you a notice to pick up your parcel.
  • In the case of international deliveries, you should also contact your customs office and ask them to inquire about your delivery

Things NOT to Do:

  • You should not panic. Panicking does not help and will only worsen your judgment instead of fixing things. Normally, people do get worried and inquire around which is a good thing but after a day or two, they do receive the package.
  • In the case of international deliveries, it’s best to contact customs instead of USPS. USPS cannot really inquire about your parcels once they’ve reached a different country. Customs office is a much better option in that case.

USPS Delivered To Wrong Address: What if someone else’s package is delivered to my address?

People often complain about receiving a parcel that has their address but not their name on it. If you have just moved to a new place, then there is a chance that the parcel belongs to the previous owner. Then you can simply ask the company to take the package back that probably belongs to the previous owner. 

If you stay there for a couple of years and such a situation arises, that indicates it got delivered mistakenly. USPS always recommends returning the package as it will help them to set things back on track quickly. 

They will know about the misplacement and will dig deeper into the case to find the right recipient. USPS strongly advises every customer not to keep a parcel with them if they are not meant to ship for you!

Things that you CAN DO if the package gets misplaced:

  1. Keep updates from your local post office and also keep an eye on your mailbox
  2. For international parcels, you have to contact the customs office and ask them about the updates of your delivery

Things that you should NOT DO if the package gets misplaced:

  1.  Do not panic as USPS will either deliver your package within 2-3 days or refund your money spent
  2. For international parcels, always contact customs instead of USPS 

The Bottom Line

If USPS Delivered To Wrong Address Mistakes are common things that may happen anytime, as these courier services are handling hundreds and thousands of deliveries every day. In the end, if all goes well, then you will receive the parcel as expected. 

Mostly there is a change of the parcel to be on its way to deliver the package. Always remember that delivery mistakes are never your fault. Follow all the rules and communicate with the USPS whenever you face a problem. 

USPS will take all their efforts to search and find your parcel. It may need some time, but they will make some way out for you. Other couriers such as UPS and FedEx may also face similar problems, and the solution for both of them is the same as USPS. 

Happy shipping!

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