Build Your Own EarthBox-Like Self-Watering Planters

The best thing about these DIY planters is that you can customize them to suit your needs. You can place them in a corner of your balcony, on the windowsill, or even in the garden. You will need to find a container that is large enough to hold the size of planter you want to build. This container should also have an opening at the bottom so that water can be added easily. Then fill up some holes at the bottom of your container with gravel and then add soil into it. Place your plant in this soil and cover it up with more soil or potting mix until it reaches just below the rim of your container. Next, put some holes near the top of your container and use a funnel to pour water into these holes so that it trick

Planting in the First Earthbox

This is her first Earthbox.
This is her first Earthbox.

She decided on herbs and strawberries. She would plant four EarthBoxes full of them. And then she saw how much seedlings cost at the garden center (not to mention organic potting soil), so she settled on three. Three EarthBoxes.

After disposing of the old soil (which contained fertilizer she didn’t care to use), she cleaned out each EarthBox with a good spray of water and vinegar, lugging everything up and down stairs and in and out doors. She was dirty, sweaty, and mostly pessimistic. Then she poured in the new potting soil and carefully began.

First, with basil:

Basil goes first in the EarthBox.
Basil goes first in the EarthBox.

Another type of basil, two types of rosemary, chives, and oregano followed.

They were beautiful. Magnificent. The bounty of the earth, looking down on the town in all their glory.

Until she had to put the EarthBox cover over them.

They're not so glorious with the black bag-loo
They’re not so glorious with the black bag-looking EarthBox covers on them.

Wiping her hands on her jeans, she groaned a sigh fit for a farmer and looked across her back yard area.

The chair.

Mysteriously, this chair had appeared – from outerspace or somewhere like it – the week before. It was turned upside down, alone, forlorn. So she took a picture of it.

And then cross-processed it, because that’s what you do with pictures of old chairs.

With the first day done, she thought to herself: H

With the first day done, she thought to herself: How powerful this feels, being able to grow food. It’s freedom. If you can grow your own food, and live off of it, imagine how unstoppable you’d be.

Your life wouldn’t be dependent on stores and money and apples with stickers on them. You’d be completely self-sustaining.

She refused to tell herself, through the entire night, that she wouldn’t last the summer eating only strawberries and herbs. Her first big thought was too sweet to ruin. At least, until the next day.


Avoiding overwatering

The water reservoir has an overflow, so there’s no risk of filling the entire trough with water and water-logging your compost – once the reservoir is full of water, any additional water that’s added will trickle out of the overflow and onto the ground.  If you want to empty your EarthBox’s water reservoir for any reason, you could simply tip the container onto its side, and the water will drain out of your EarthBox, onto the ground. 

My Rainbow Chard and Savoy Cabbages are growing well in my EarthBox, I am sure that you could, if you wished, grow many vegetables, fruit and herbs in your EarthBox, even flowers if you wanted!

I’ve been impressed with my EarthBox, it’s a real blessing to have a self-watering container, especially one that’s so easy to move around.  The EarthBox would make a super present for a gardener who enjoys growing vegetables, fruit or herbs.  Gardeners who struggle with the difficult task of watering, either because it’s difficult physically, or due to long working hours and busy lifestyles would really benefit from using the EarthBox growing system, it’s very simple to use and is effective in the results it produces.

Here’s my Earthbox as pictured on the 21st F
Here’s my Earthbox as pictured on the 21st February 2016. As you can see the vegetables have been growing well. I haven’t had to water this container since I set it up, I haven’t carried out any maintenance of any kind, I just left the vegetables to grow. I have harvested some of the stems and leaves from the chard, but other than that, the vegetables have been left to grow.

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EarthBox – Dave’s Garden

Earthboxes make it possible for almost anyone to grow a few veggies with limited time and effort. I love them! On a side note, I did make my own one year.

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The Big Thought that Came from a Tiny Seedling

She reached out and pulled a piece of lemon thyme off the plant. It smelled like sunshine and tasted of green.

“I will never be able to eat any of this,” she thought. “It’s been so much work. They’re so beautiful right now. And if they grow – if they don’t die – they’ll be glorious. How could I ever mindlessly eat something I feel like I know so intimately now?”

The Big Thought: Perhaps if we were all in charge of growing, raising, killing, and fully preparing our own meals, we wouldn’t be so thoughtless of the food we do have. We’d be more grateful. And there would be no waste.

Perhaps  – and this is just a naive, precious thought from a pretend, wannabe, first-time gardener – but, perhaps, the rise of industrial farms and store shelves and drive-thrus was the beginning of our actual decline. Of our true disconnect from who we are and where we come from. From where we receive our energy, our health, and our continued existence.

And for as much as she’d preached it, as much as she’s believed it, she finally realized she didn’t know it until she actually experienced it herself. Even if it was in a tiny way.

So you know what she did?

She rescued that mystery chair from it’s upside-down world, placed it in front of the planters, where she plans to sit for a while, every day, thanking her food for growing so she can eat it.

She hopes that gives it a reason to live.

DIY Earth Box! Make it yourself – Pinterest

I love my Homemade Earth Boxes! These boxes are easy to make and you will save tons of money, not to mention having the best bounty of vegetables ever!

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