Why can't I replay a song on Pandora? Or if I can, how do I do it?


  • Run out of skips? Try making a new station. Don’t want to switch the music you’re listening to? Make a station based on some other piece of information relating to your music. For instance, if you run out of skips on an artist station, make a station for one of that artist’s tracks.

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  • Note that thumbs up/thumbs down suggestions are only applied to the station being played. If you give a song a thumbs down on one station, it may re-appear on a different one.

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How does Pandora recommend music?

Pandora works a little differently than other streaming platforms.

For those that are new to Pandora, the service is part of the Music Genome Project, which was a massive undertaking to classify millions of tracks based on their musical attributes. Almost all the songs that they play have been analyzed by a musician and classified using over 400 different “genes,” including:

  • genre
  • micro-genre
  • vocal prominence-style
  • instrumentation
  • tempo
  • phrasing
  • and much more

This process takes around 20 minutes per track.

So when the listener creates a station based off a particular song, Pandora isn’t necessarily playing just songs by that particular artist or group. Instead, it’ll play songs that match this musical genetic profile. And when the listeners selects “Thumbs Up” or “Thumbs Down” on a song, it adds to the genome profile of the station they’ve built. This makes that listener’s station unique and personalized.

Is Pandora A Streaming Service?

In essence, it is a streaming service.

The standard version of Pandora is a non-interactive streaming radio-like experience and operates very similarly to other music streaming services. 

Streaming Features 

Most Pandora music users uncover new music through tuning in to one of Pandoras’ existing music genre stations or other Pandora users’ stations.

Users can also create their own stations based on the music they like listening to which others can tune into. 

Based on how users interact with certain songs, i.e. skipping or replaying, radio Pandora changes. For example, if you give a song a thumbs up, Pandora will suggest similar songs based on these likes.

If you dislike a certain song or give it a thumbs down, similar songs will be removed from the random selection. A second thumbs down on a track from a particular artist will completely remove the artist from this selection.

Users can also alter their Pandora Radio settings to display or filter out explicit content.


Social profiles on Pandora.
Social profiles on Pandora.

Pandora allows users to create social profiles on the mobile app, which in turn allows you to follow friends and other users. By following someone, you’ll be able to see songs they’ve thumbed up, stations or playlists they follow, as well as who they’re following.

All the in-app activity of your friends shows up in the Feed section, allowing you to stay updated with what your friends are listening to. You can also easily share your profile, playlists, stations, or songs on other social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. Just make sure your profile is set to Public, not Private.

If you need technical help, want to join in on discussions, or want to suggest an idea to Pandora developers, you can do so at Pandora Community.

How To Get Your Music On Pandora?

Thinking about putting your music on Pandora Radio

Thinking about putting your music on Pandora Radio? The curation team at Pandora Radio Music is always searching for fresh and underground talent. It is this reason that leads to many aspiring artists submitting their music to Pandora.

The first step to getting your music on Pandora is by creating an account. After setting this up, artists can access and submit a music submission form.

Make sure you have all of your key details about your music to hand. This includes; links to purchase music (i.e. on Amazon, Bandcamp, and iTunes), type of release, information about the label you’re signed to and UPC code data.

During this process, you can also submit any additional information about the track you wish to upload. It usually takes about 2-3 weeks to get a reply from Pandora music about your music submission. If you haven’t heard anything back after this time period, you should follow up. 

If you want your music to appear on Pandora Premium, Pandora Plus and Pandora radio you will need to use a licensed media distributor such as Tunecore, RouteNote, or CD baby

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How to Make a Playlist With the Pandora App

To create a customized playlist in the Pandora app for Android and iOS devices:

  1. Launch the Pandora app and tap the My Collection tab if it's not active.

  2. Tap Filter.

  3. Tap Playlists in the pop-up menu that appears.

  4. Tap New playlist at the top of the screen.

  5. Enter a name for the new playlist, then tap Next.

  6. Go to the search bar and enter the name of a song, album, or artist.

  7. A list of results displays. Tap the Plus (+) symbol next to the song or album you wish to add. Repeat the steps above as many times as you like until you're satisfied with the contents of your new playlist.

    You can also add songs to an existing playlist from the Now Playing screen. Tap the ellipses (…), then tap Add to Playlist when the pop-up menu appears.

  8. To remove a playlist from your Pandora account, tap Delete Playlist. To reorder the items in a playlist, tap and hold a selection, then drag it to a new location.

    At the bottom of the playlist's contents is a note indicating the playlist's total duration.

Using Personalized Pandora Playlists

With a Pandora Premium subscription, you also get personalized playlists that are curated based on your listening history and behavior. These playlists are automatically generated and appear in your account from time to time. These playlists provide an alternative to the personally customized options.

These lists are sometimes created after you thumbs up a certain number of songs. You may also see these lists when you've been a Premium customer for a while, and Pandora's algorithms have a better handle on what music you like and dislike.


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