What are the rules to tailing someone in a car without them noticing you?

The most important thing to remember is that you need to be sure that the person you are tailing is not aware of your presence. This can be done by making sure that your car is always at least one car length away from the person. This is so that they don’t notice you following them. If you are in a car with tinted windows, it’s best to turn off your headlights, as this will make it easier for the person you’re following not to notice. You should also keep in mind that if the person being followed has a good sense of direction and can tell when they are being followed, then they might change their route or destination.

Fan Fiction

  • In Kira Is Justice, Sol notices his tail, a SIS agent named Ronan, due to his good observant skills. Sol then tells Justin, who he doesn’t know is Kira.

Method 2 of 3: Break through the backseat

If your kidnappers have left you in a car trunk and abandoned the car and there is no emergency release, you can try to bust your way out through the backseat. It’s going to take some force and perseverance, but your survival could depend on it!

Step 1: Check for a back seat release handle. Some cars with fold-down rear seats have release handles mounted in the trunk area.

Look for a small release handle mounted under the back deck area, right below where the back window is located. If you find a handle, give it a firm pull. You might need to push on the seat to get it to fold.

Step 2: Locate a weak spot on the backseat. It may take a few tries to find the right spot to make your break for it.

If there’s no release handle, you’ll need to forcefully break through the seat. Look for gaps that let light shine through, or spaces between the seats.

If there’s a trunk pass-through in the middle of the seat, the plastic parts are relatively easy to bust up. Be careful, though: broken plastic is quite sharp.

Step 3: Brace yourself in the trunk with your feet pointed towards the seat back. Whether against the back of the trunk or the sides by the wheel wells, the trunk is solid.

Press your back against a firm surface for the best leverage when you begin kicking.

Step 4: Kick the backseat out. Kick as hard as you can to break the backseat.

Repeatedly kick the seat. When you hear cracking or breaking, you’ve probably found your exit point. Keep kicking at that spot until you break through.

Step 5: Crawl through the seat back. Make your break for it from the backseat, then run from the car.



  • Remember the 3 second rule. Regardless of your speed, try to remain at least 3 seconds behind the vehicle in front of you. This is a general rule of thumb for safe distances between cars. To measure this distance, pick a spot ahead of you. Start counting when the car in front of you passes that spot (e.g. one one-thousand, two one-thousand, etc.) and stop counting when you pass that spot. As long as you were able to count to 3, you’re following at a safe distance.

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  • If you are being followed never drive back home. It could give the tailgater your address, putting you at even more of a risk. Instead, drive to a busy area with lots of people – eg. a supermarket car park.

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tail (something) in(to) (something)

dated To insert some construction material, such as a beam, rafter, stone slab, etc., into something else, typically a wall. Usually used in passive constructions. The beam should be tailed in the wall at one end in order to create proper support for the platform. The kneeler is simply a block of stone that is well tailed into the wall.See also: tail

tail off

To dwindle, diminish, or fade away; to become fainter or weaker. His campaign started really strong, but public support for the candidate tailed off following a series of scandals. The lights on the car began tailing off into the blackness of the night, leaving me alone in the empty field. He started talking about the tax code, but he tailed off when he realized no one was listening.See also: off, tail

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Web Original

  • In Red vs. Blue: Reconstruction, Agent Washington is tasked with pursuing the Meta. Starting in Episode 3, the audience learns that the Meta is in fact pursuing Wash instead, and often at close range (at one point, he hitchhikes on the back of Wash’s tank). Turns out Wash knew from the beginning that he was being pursued, and was in fact counting on that to lure the Meta into a trap.

What NOT to Do When Someone is Tailgating You

1. Don’t overuse your brakes

"Brake checking" or slamming on your brakes when someone tailgates is not a good move in any situation. Sure, you can slow down, and maybe get the other driver to lay off, but it’s best not to abuse the brakes. Why? The driver behind you may get irritated and begin to drive more aggressively. Or, you could catch them off-guard and end up getting rear-ended. (Rear-end collisions are the most common type of collision!) When it comes to road rage brawls, no one ever really wins, so it’s best to let tailgaters pass you and cool off.

2. Don’t become a tailgater yourself

Partake in all of the pre-game football tailgating you want to, but stay mindful of your driving habits so you’re not a tailgater on the road. Always maintain at least 2-3 seconds of distance behind the car in front of you to ensure you’ll be able to stop safely if necessary.

3. Don’t try to police the roadway

If you’re driving the speed limit but someone behind you clearly wants to go faster, remember that it’s not your job to prevent them from doing so. Staying in front of a driver like this when you have space to move over could lead to even more aggressive driving, so it’s best to steer aside and let them drive the speed they’re going to drive (it’s their problem if they get pulled over, not yours!). If you’re genuinely concerned for the safety of yourself or others on the roadway, pull over and call local authorities to report an erratic or unsafe driver.


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