Ripeness is all. An essay on zits

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Ripeness Example

Let’s say a plaintiff wants to build a store on a certain piece of property.  But the city in which the plaintiff wants to build the store must first decide whether to allow the plaintiff to build or not.  In October, the plaintiff learns that the city will probably reject his application.  The city will issue its final decision in November.

Can the plaintiff sue the city in October?  Probably not.  The case is not ripe because the city has not issued its final decision. The plaintiff did not suffer any harm yet and is only predicting that he will suffer some harm in the future.



raip adjective (negative unripe) (of fruit, grain etc) ready to be gathered in or eaten. ripe apples/corn.ˈripeness nounˈripen verb to make or become ripe or riper. The sun ripened the corn; The corn ripened in the sun.ripe (old) age a very old age. He lived to the ripe (old) age of ninety-five.Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary © 2006-2013 K Dictionaries Ltd.


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