Open a Beer Bottle Using a Countertop

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After the Beer Bottling is Complete

During bottle conditioning, the yeast will feast on the priming sugar, carbonating your homebrew and allowing its flavors to develop. The general rule of thumb for bottle conditioning most homebrews is about 14–28 days.

Temperature and the overall environment can affect fermentation, though, so it’s a good idea to test your beer before you transfer the whole batch to the fridge for drinking.

After two weeks, open up a bottle and give it a try. If you hear a hiss of escaping carbonation and enjoy the beer’s taste, it’s ready to go. If not, check a new bottle every few days until you’re happy with the level of carbonation.

Once you’re satisfied with the results, place your bottles in the fridge and get ready to enjoy your finished beer. Don’t forget to share the wealth with your brewing buddies—although they’ll probably remind you themselves.

Bottling beer doesn’t have to be a messy chore. Taking the time to measure your beer’s final gravity, using the right tools and techniques, and recruiting a few friends makes it easy to bottle your beer while saving time and frustration.

Happy Brewing!

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