Need for Speed Heat Speed Traps Locations Guide

Go Faster than 30 Through Both Speed Traps Challenge

Challenge Summary

ChallengeGo Faster than 30 Through Both Speed Traps
AvailableMay 25, 2019 – End of Downtown Drop Challenges
RewardSlam Dunk Spray

Channel your inner speed monster to zip through and hit 30 as you pass through the Speed Traps in Downtown Drop. No other frills, you just need to go really fast for this challenge.

Part of Fortnite x Jordan Collaboration

This challenge is part of the Fortnite x Jordan Collaboration, along with the Downtown Drop LTM. It’s only here for a limited time so make sure to do them before they’re gone!

Check Out the Fortnite x Jordan Collaboration Here



  • Because we want to reflect reality.

And the more controversial reasons…

  • Because it is of interest to motorists who want to know where the speed limit is being enforced (because they want to avoid being caught for speeding) This throws up some moral questions
  • “helping” the police to operate their speed enforcement activities in a more open and transparent manner
  • …or to put it another way, we want to counter their big brother activities which are “waging a war on drivers”


How about with an icon like this?

Above graphic is inspired by the State of Pennsylvania, where large billboards welcome drivers to the state with a “menu” of speeding violations and fine amounts. It features a large outline of an officer holding a radar gun that is foreshortened by distance as it recedes from antenna to hand grip. Improved icons are always welcome. Eat the meat. Try not to choke on the bones.

Proposed UK Fixed speed camera icon:

I think that there shall icons of the same look for speed, distance and redlight enforcement. Therefore I am agains the icons shown above. My idea is to have the signs that give the rule, only in different colors. Example: If is is 60 km/h, there shall be a 60 km/h speed limit sign as an icon at the point where the speed camera is, only not with a red circle around a black 60 on white ground but with an orange circle around a blue 60 on a yellow ground. If there are traffic lights, there is a sign that’s a triangle with a red border and a set of traffic lights in the middle in black on an white ground, and the traffic light enforcement camera shall be indicated by a triangle with an orange border and blue traffic lights on yellow ground etc. —Lulu-Ann 17:06, 27 October 2008 (UTC)

I think the blue P icon is too close to parking area sign.–Japa-fi 14:46, 29 October 2008 (UTC)


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