‘My daughter is dying of cancer but my bosses want me to return to work’

My Daughter is a Music Genius Manga 

Briefly about My Daughter is a Music Genius Manga. I was crazy about music and lived my life indifferent to my daughter. I died in regret, and when I opened my eyes, I found myself 10 years in the past. This time I vowed to be a good father, but my daughter is a musical genius.

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After my wife died, I became crazy about music and neglected my daughter. After my daughter died in a car accident, I regretted it every day. With nothing left, I, “Jo Sunhyun,” threw myself into the river to meet my family on the other side. But… somehow, I returned to 10 years ago and was able to meet my daughter, “Chaeyoon,” again. But what’s going on? I think my daughter is a musical genius!

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I don’t know why, maybe it’s a mediocre manhwa, maybe not, but for me, it’s a masterpiece! But I don’t know why, but I really liked it, it really hit me. I read a similar one, but this one is way better.


‘I thought my baby was brain damaged’

When she was first diagnosed with postpartum psychosis, she didn’t believe the psychiatrist. “I texted my mum as soon as the doctor left the room saying: ‘Well done, mum, they think I’m psychotic but don’t worry, they’ll drug me up and you’ve got to live with the consequences of what happens to Darcie’.”

She refused to take medication for the first five days, and her delusions about her baby became darker.

“I thought she’d regressed, I thought she was brain-damaged. I absolutely convinced myself that every night she was going to die. It was the most traumatic, horrendous thing,” she says. Sara was eventually persuaded to start taking antipsychotic medication, but the side-effects were difficult.

“I was stiff all over and my movements completely slowed down. I could hear my footsteps pounding in my head as I walked across the ward. It was awful.”

Why I had to tell my story

Sara has been open about having postpartum psychosis with friends and colleagues, and hopes to break down common misconceptions about it.

“PPP comes in so many different forms. People associate it with delusions of grandeur, and it coming on 48 hours after the birth. They think it’s when mums kill their babies. I never once thought I was going to harm Darcie,” she says. She hopes to encourage other women to seek professional help if they have similar symptoms.

“People are afraid to talk openly about it. Maybe they believe it’s their fault and a reflection of them as a person and a mother. But it’s not. It’s an acute mental health illness that can happen because of hormone levels, and sleep deprivation tends to make subsequent symptoms worse.”

Sixteen months on, Sara is enjoying life and has returned to work as a Macmillan nurse. “I feel absolutely fine now. I love life, I love my little girl, I love my job. I feel better than ever before. I’ve got a different perspective on things now.”

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