I am spending too much time on Facebook, how can I prevent myself from that?

1. Get rid of distractions

 There are two ways you can avoid distractions.

  • Less Extreme: Log out

Logging out is not a very extreme method and is quite easy to do. However, it doesn’t solve the issue completely because you won’t be able to get all your work done if you need to use Facebook.

The problem with this method is you won’t be able to get any work on Facebook done.

  • Pretty Extreme: Delete newsfeed

The pretty extreme method is the method that I chose for myself, which was to delete my newsfeed. I use newfeed eradicator.

That way I could focus on getting work done like finding content and educating yourself (using lists, bookmarks, etc). Since only my newsfeed disappears, I can still manage my Facebook page presence and respond to people easily.


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Time spent doesn’t always equal money spent

Where Facebook really separates itself from the competition is in its ability to monetize the amount of time spent on its platform. Last quarter, Facebook generated over $6 in revenue per user. Instagram contributed to that number, but the vast majority of Facebook’s revenue still comes from Facebook.

By comparison, Snap generated $1.17 in revenue per user in the third quarter. That number probably climbed in the fourth quarter because of seasonality and the continued ramp-up of its ad products. Still, there’s a huge disparity between ad revenue per minute spent on Facebook versus Snapchat.

The root of that disparity is that much of the time spent on Snapchat is hard to monetize. A lot of time spent in the app is creating content and then sharing it through direct communication with friends. People don’t spend as much time consuming more easily monetized content like that found in Snapchat’s Discover section or Snap Maps.

While Facebook is taking steps that actively reduce the amount of time people spend in Facebook, management believes that not only is it the right thing for its community, but it could also result in more monetization opportunities.

Facebook is decreasing the number of viral videos and articles in the news feed — stuff it can’t easily monetize — and increasing the content that encourages users to interact within Facebook. That could increase the total number of posts users scroll through, since they’re spending as much time reading or viewing other content. That presents more advertising opportunities.

Snapchat is also undergoing a major redesign, but it’s not clear the changes will positively affect engagement on its most monetizable features.

Time spent on Facebook may be going down, but users still spend a huge chunk of their days in the app. The news feed changes make time spent on Facebook more valuable for the users and possibly for Facebook as well. So any worries about declining engagement should be alleviated by management’s commentary and the company’s fourth-quarter results.

How to find the new tools

Go to the settings page on either app and select either Your Time on Facebook or Your Activity.

At the top is a dashboard showing average time spent on the app you are using.

Underneath is the option to set up a daily reminder that will send an alert when you have reached the time you have allowed yourself.



The tool is aimed at limiting people's use of social networking sitesCredit: Alamy

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