How to Win at Classic Arcade Games

Cheat the System by Knowing the Case Swapping Pattern Trick

This is the most important tip in this strategy guide. 

The cases with the ticket values will be shown at the beginning of the Deal or No Deal game. After it shows what is in each case, the cases will close and then will move and swap around really fast. Once it stops you will have to pick a numbered case.

The trick is if you can follow the highest ticket value case then you can pick it when they stop moving. 

This is almost impossible to do without help but there are people who claim they can follow the pattern of the cases moving with just their eyes and pick the jackpot case pretty consistently. But for the average person this is nearly impossible.

To help follow the cases you need to use a phone that can capture in slow motion (most iPhones do now-a-days). Record the cases moving. View the slow motion video back on your phone to try and follow the highest ticket value case. 

You only have 10 seconds to pick a case before it picks one for you. This is usually not enough time to watch the slow motion video back to determine the jackpot case. So just pick any random case.

Take your time picking cases on the first round until you have enough time to watch the slow motion video back. 

This allows you to know what number case has the big ticket value. As you go through the Deal or No Deal rounds you will want to pick cases that aren’t this number to eliminate the small value cases.

Eventually you will get to the last round and there will only be two cases left. If you followed the case swapping pattern correctly then there should be the highest ticket case left and then another random case that you picked at the beginning.

Just accept the last ticket offer. This offer should be a lot of tickets because the high ticket case is still there.

You should get at least half of whatever the highest value case is if you do this slow motion case following trick. For example, if you picked the lowest value case, it should be that case and the 500 ticket case left at the end. The banker should offer you around 250 tickets in this example. 

Remember that 250 tickets is the minimum amount you can win with this trick. If you are lucky you can win more tickets. If you go for the double deal you should win around 400 tickets each play on average.  


5. Hardcore Ninja

The player's ninja just finished destroying their

The player’s ninja just finished destroying their opponent

Hardcore Ninja is a game based entirely around reflexes. It’s a PvP mode that pits players against each other in a square arena. Players will need to dodge, shield, and blink away from enemy projectiles if they hope to win. 

Hardcore Ninja can be incredibly addictive if you love competitive games. Although, if you are a Dota 2 player, chances are you enjoy competition more than the average gamer. Dota 2’s responsive controls and tight movement make it perfect for these reflex games.

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8. Balance production cards and point cards

Production cards are great in the early game to get you the resources you need to build your city and they don’t cost too much to play. But they generally have low point values so you don’t want to have loads of them in the end game.

Resources don’t score you any points at the end of the game unless you’re able to trade them in for points using a card ability. So don’t get too many of them or you’ll be swimming in resources and lacking in points!

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7. Training Polygon 

An Antimage preparing to Manta-dodge Lion's Finger

An Antimage preparing to Manta-dodge Lion’s Finger of Death

Training Polygon is a training mode that can help any player improve, no matter the skill level. Training Polygon is a single-player game and is not multiplayer like the rest on this list. It’s a fully customizable mode that tests your reaction time and proficiency on certain heroes. 

This is an arcade game everyone should try as its usefulness extends to everyone. Even Arteezy has been known to play it on stream while searching for a match. It can be incredibly effective at improving a player’s proficiency at Manta dodging, landing Pudge hooks, or even swapping spells on Invoker. 

6. Farm + Wife + Husband = Points!

Everdell Farm synergy cards
Everdell Farm synergy cards

The humble Farm may not look so amazing on first glance. It’ll generate you up to 3 Berries in total. One when you first play it, and one more each time your Prepare for Season in Spring and Autumn.

But there are other cards that play really nicely with the Farm to boost the amount of resources and points you can get.

  • General Store – If you have a Farm in your city, gain 1 additional Berry.
  • Barge Toad – Gain 2 Twigs for each Farm in your city.
  • Husband/Wife – Play one of these for free if you have a Farm.

The Husband and Wife combination is really amazing. For just the cost of a few Berries, you can get 2 points for the Husband, plus 2 for the Wife, plus and extra 3 for them being paired. That’s 7 points for not much cost. What makes it even better is that they occupy the same space so you have another space to earn points from!

If you can, play the Wife first so that you can get the bonus of any resource when you play the Husband to join her later.

Hitting and Entering in Backgammon

A point occupied by a single checker of any color is called a blot. If an opposing checker lands on the blot, the checker is hit and placed on the bar. Any time a player has one or more checkers on the bar, his first and foremost obligation is to enter those checkers into the opposing team’s home board. A checker is entered by moving it to an open point corresponding to one of the numbers on the rolled dice. For instance, if a player rolls a 3 and a 5, he may enter a checker onto either the opponent’s 3 point or 5 point, as long as that point is not occupied by two or more of the opponent’s checkers.

If neither of the points is open, the player loses his turn. If a player is able to enter some but not all of his checkers, he must enter as many as he can and then forfeit the remainder of his turn. After the last of the player’s checkers have been removed from the bar-or entered-any unused numbers on the dice must be played. This can be accomplished by moving a checker that was entered or another checker on the board.


The winning trick: Record the case swapping in slow motion. Watch it back to know what case has the biggest ticket amount. 

It is debatable as to how moral this tip is. Some might say this is a cheat or “hack”. 

Either way you should be respectful at the arcade. If an arcade tech or manager catches you filming the case pattern in slow motion and asks you to stop then you should listen to them and stop. 

Do not abuse this trick. Win only a few times. If you do this trick all day long then the arcade location will notice and either have to get rid of the Deal or No Deal game or nerf it. 

Remember to play other games and have fun at the arcade!  

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