How to Suck Up Without Looking Like You’re Sucking Up

It is important to be able to suck up without looking like you’re sucking up. This skill can be very helpful in the workplace, and it is a skill that every professional should have. The key is to make sure that you are not going overboard and becoming a brown-noser. Sucking up at work can be done in many different ways. You can do it by being extra helpful, or by giving compliments that are not too obvious. It is important not to overdo it and come across as fake or insincere. When done right, sucking up can help you get ahead at work while still maintaining your integrity and professionalism.

Quick Quiz: Do You Give Good Blow Jobs?

If you are new here, then you may want to take the quiz below to learn how good you are at giving oral sex and satisfying your man. You may discover you that you suck (pun intended) or that you are already a blow job queen.



suck something up

to pick something up by suction, as with a vacuum cleaner, or through a straw. Will this vacuum suck all this dirt up? The vacuum cleaner sucked up all the dirt.See also: suck, upMcGraw-Hill Dictionary of American Idioms and Phrasal Verbs. © 2002 by The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.

9. Dont just stroke your partner’s penis, stroke their ego

Trust, the mental and emotional build-up to an orgasm is almost as hot as the actual thing. This means that, yes, if you are looking at this blow job as if it’s a chore, your partner will know you’re not into it. “Use this time to focus on catering to your partner,” says clinical sexologist Valon Alford, owner of Vitality Wellness Solutions. “Your endgame is for your partner to feel like their pleasure is the most important thing in the world.”

Similarly, Stewart says oral sex can be a way to communicate admiration between partners. And if it’s something that you really love to do, it’ll show—and it’ll be so appreciated. “It’s important that you’re savoring the moment and not rushing,” she adds.

4. Be all kinds of vocal

Moan, groan, ooh, and ahh. Hell, even throw in a gurgling sound if the mood strikes you. The point is, don’t be afraid to make noises or slurpy sounds—it’s not only hot, but the vibrations from your mouth will do wondrous things to their peen.

“Channel your inner porn star,” Howard suggests. “Exaggerated moaning and sucking and slurping gives an amazing sensation to the penis, and the vibration from slurping adds layers to the pleasure for the receiving partner.”

Also, dirty talk is a great way to not only turn up the heat on the situation but give your jaw a rest, explains sex expert Kenneth Play. Stare into your partner’s eyes and say something along the lines of, “you taste so good,” “you feel so good in my mouth,” “can I suck it harder?” Whether or not you actually do suck it harder doesn’t matter, because they’ll instantly be closer to coming.

Positions to Suck Your Own Dick

You probably know tens of sex styles but autofellatio does not have the luxury of several styles. Specifically, you have only a few positions to suck your own dick. This is mostly because autofellatio is nowhere close to the ordinary sexual act. While some men prefer to sit down to suck their dick, some may prefer to perform the exercise while lying on their side. 

Trust us, as long as you prepare yourself well for autofellatio, there’s a self sucking technique for you. Below, we’ll discuss the self suck techniques you can consider for your autofellatio journey:

Lying on side

Just like the name of this position suggests, you’ll have to lie on your side while you suck your penis. Frankly, this position is pretty tricky but it requires the joint effort of your waist, spine, and neck, making the exercise easier. To perform autofellatio while lying on your side, you must lie on a soft and comfortable bed. 

After lying on your side, bend your head and neck towards your crotch area. You’ll also need to move your legs at the same time to meet your bending head. This way, they can all meet in the middle and you can start sucking your penis. If stretching while lying on your side is too uncomfortable for you, you can try other positions that we’ll soon discuss. 

Raised legs

If you prefer to lie on your back to suck your dick, you’ll be needing the help of a headboard or a wall. Once you’ve achieved a powerful erection, you can lie on the back of your bed. Whether you’re using a headboard or a wall, ensure that it’s a foot away from your head. You can also have a pillow under your head to make yourself more comfortable. 

After lying down, you can lift your legs over your head and press them on the headboard or wall. Besides, ensure that you use your arms to support your lower back. Then, slowly and gently walk your feet against the headboard or wall. Furthermore, bend your head and allow your legs and penis to towards your mouth so that they can all meet in the middle.

Without any doubt, this position can stretch you out to a large extent but you shouldn’t have any problem as long as you’re prepared. Notwithstanding, always try not to stretch things too far. Be mindful of your neck and spine. 

The big X

The big X is a pretty difficult self suck position and is mostly used by experts. You wonder why? You’ll find out soon enough. This position requires you to roll your legs over your shoulders and then cross them at the back of your neck. This move automatically lifts your penis closer to your face. 

A little and important piece of advice: the big X position is not worth it if you’re not an advanced player. Of course, you can try it once you’re extremely confident about your flexibility because it’s one of the best positions. But you shouldn’t consider it if you’re a beginner to avoid compromising your safety. 

Seating down

The seating down position is exactly what it says it is; you sit down and suck your own penis. Like other positions, this one also requires great flexibility. The seating down position requires you to sit down on a chair, the edge of your bed, or the floor and slowly bend your head down until your mouth reaches your erect dick.

Unlike some methods where your crotch meets you halfway, you don’t have that luxury here. Your head will need to go all the way. You can use your hands to tighten your legs while you suck your penis. The seating position is pretty straightforward and, unsurprisingly, it’s usually recommended for beginners. 

The big P

The big P position is another option you can opt for but it’s among the most challenging ones. It requires you to stand up to suck your dick. You’ll need to stand and lower your face until it reaches your erect dick. Then, clasp your hands behind your thighs.

Of course, you won’t be getting any help from your legs here too. Your neck and spine will have to do the job all alone. Always be careful and try to use gravity to lower your head. 

Friendly help

If your partner doesn’t mind, you can involve them in your autofellatio adventure. Instead of struggling to bend over yourself, your partner can bend you properly. That will require them to push your head down gently until it reaches your erect dick. Having someone watch as you suck your own dick can even heighten the sensations. 

3rd Step Get A Bigger Dick

Obviously the bigger you are the easier it will be to suck your own dick.  You have a few options when it comes to getting bigger, all of which I have personally tested and used to grow 2.5 inches in length and 1.5 inches in girth, PERMANENTLY.

The first option is through the use of an extender device called Size Genetics.  This device will gradually increase the length of your penis, getting you ever so close to performing your very own “self deepthroat”.

The second option is through the use of a water based vacuum pump called the Bathmate.  The bathmate uses the principle of vacuum therapy to gradually increase the size of your penis.

HOWEVER, the bathmate is primarily used for girth, NOT necessarily for length.  So, in this respect, you will likely be better off getting the Size Genetics extender instead.

With that said, it IS possible to get length gains with the Bathmate, they just won’t be as pronounced as the gains in length you would get with the extender.

The last option, and in my opinion the least effective one, is through performing manual enlargement exercises and combining those exercises with a supplement called Vigrx Plus.  The Vigrx Plus will help with blood flow, which is of PARAMOUNT importance when trying to get hard.

With the exercises, you will essentially be tugging and pulling on your dick to make it longer, which takes a bit of finesse and ALOT of work.  However, it IS possible to see great gains in size from doing the exercises, it just takes longer and it’s easier to just pick up an extender to do all the work for you instead.

Click Here to sign up for my free “Enlargement Exercises” ebook for tips on how to do these exercises.

Human Ball Stretcher

Similar to making a cock ring with your hand, you can also make a ring with your index finger and thumb at the top of a man’s testicles when you suck his dick.

As he cums, you can then SLOWLY and VERY GENTLY pull down on his balls WITHOUT squeezing them.

For some guys, this dramatically intensifies their orgasm.

Others don’t enjoy it so much.

As always, make sure to talk to your man, get his feedback, and figure out if he enjoys this technique or if you should focus on other cock sucking techniques in the future. You can always try these testicle massage techniques, instead.


If you’ve read this post from start to finish, you’ll have learned a mind-boggling number of tips and techniques that you can use on your man TONIGHT…and see some incredible results!

A word of caution though: trying to remember them all is almost impossible. Instead, choose one or two techniques that tickle your fancy, try them out and add them to your repertoire. Before long, you’ll have an arsenal of killer moves that will help you suck your guy’s dick like he never though possible!

4. Keep your tongue soft and loosefor the most part

When giving a blow job, your tongue provides the warmth, texture, and wetness that they can’t get elsewhere.

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To maximize this sensation, both Anderson and Marin suggest keeping your tongue soft in your mouth when you’re moving up and down (the majority of your job), then using the tip of your tongue to trace the head and frenulum—the underside where the penis head (if circumcised) meets the shaft.

Those two areas, especially the frenulum, are packed with nerve endings, so expect your partner to go crazy.

You can also use the flat side of your tongue to lick from the bottom of the shaft to the very tip and down again, or throw in a few tongue flicks.

Risks When Sucking Your Own Dick

Look at it as two sides of a coin where pleasure and pain are divided by a minimal line. Remember, there are risks when doing self-sucking, and you do this at your own risk!

For starters, there may be pain and injury to your neck and back, especially for beginners. There might be instances, especially when you aren’t used to sucking dicks, where you might scrape certain sensitive parts of your gum, teeth, or even your penis. Also, autofellatio is risky for those who are prone to neck and back injuries.

Remember that this is not a thing for the faint of heart and those with feeble bones.

This act requires a tremendous amount of flexibility and commitment, and trust me. You’ll never get it easy in the first start.

At least now you know what lies ahead. Always come in prepared before giving yourself head. Just always bear in mind that there are risks when you are trying to perform this kind of act but then, what are preparations and a little bit of research for?

Learn How to Suck His Dick Like a Porn Star

In this section, I’ll show you FIVE of the nastiest, dirtiest, and downright hottest techniques that you can try with your guy TONIGHT! Best of all, these techniques aren’t too difficult to master and are guaranteed to leave your guy breathless and BEGGING you for more!

1. The Dick Slap

The key to sucking dick like a porn star is adopting the right mindset and going at it like a bat out of hell! To get your guy’s dick so hard it feels like it might explode, drop to your knees and grab his shaft in one of your hands. Use the Big O and tornado tongue techniques to work him into a frenzy and then proceed to open your mouth and stick out your tongue as if you’re about to lick an enormous ice cream. Then start slapping your guy’s dick repeatedly over your tongue like it’s a drumstick!

Alternate between sucking him off and slapping his cock to give him a mind-blowing experience that he won’t soon forget! Get creative and try slapping his dick onto the side of your cheek or opening your mouth wide and slapping it into the inside of your mouth! After a while, encourage him to take the lead and start slapping away – he’ll love it!

2. The Head Grab

Once your guy’s dick is super erect and bulging, here’s what to do. Start the Big O technique on his shaft and then grab his hands and place them ON your head. With this move, you’re basically saying, “Have at it. Do what you want with my head.” He’ll love being in control and being able to decide the depth and pace of penetration and adjust it to his liking. And, if you gag, well, that’s all part of the fun!

3. The Perineum Lick

The difference between a run-of-the-mill blow job and a no-holds-barred suck fest is all about boundaries; how far are you willing to take things in the pursuit of pleasure? I’ve already discussed ball licking and sucking, but to really ramp things up a notch, it’s time to venture south!

In between dick sucking techniques such as the tornado tongue and the Big O, take your guy’s dick in your hand and lower your head. His perineum is the area of skin between his testicles and this anus and it’s SUPER sensitive! Licking this area while stroking his shaft is sure to make your guy’s eyes roll back in his head!

4. Give Him a Rim Job

If you want to get super-freaky, trying giving your guy a rim job while you suck his dick! Ass licking is incredibly erotic and can transform a blowjob from ordinary to orgasmic! With your guy in a reclining position, have him raise one of his legs and start fingering his ass with some of your favorite lube. You can then start gently kissing and licking his ass!

Unlike any other technique in this guide, anal play takes a little preparation and there are some precautions you should take. Check out my complete guide to anal sex to find out more!

5. Deepthroat His Cock

The hallmark of any porn star worth their salt is giving a mind-bending deepthroat blowjob. This takes a little practice to master, so I devoted the penultimate section of this guide to show you exactly how it’s done!

1st Step Stretching Techniques

This is the foundation that you will need to lay in order to allow for increased flexibility and the ability to reach your penis.  Remember, you should never stretch to the point of pain.  Use the following techniques right away:

Stretch Your Back: While seated on the floor, put your feet together and spread your legs open.  Hold your feet, and lean forward enough to feel stretching, but before you feel any pain.  Hold this position for 30 seconds, then rest for 30 seconds.  Repeat this 5 times.

Stretch Your Neck:  Another key to autofellatio is stretching your neck.  While seated in a chair, slowly move your chin down towards your chest and hold for 30 seconds, then relax for 20 seconds.  Repeat 5 times.

Stretch Your Legs: While seated on the floor, the simplest way is to lay your legs out in front of you and lean forward to touch your tippy toes.  Go as far as you can, without hurting, and hold for 30 seconds.

How To Suck Your Own Dick?

How to self suck? And is it possible to suck your own dick? Well, first and foremost, sucking one’s own dick needs body flexibility.

A lot of it.

For starters, it requires flexibility of the neck, as well as a long and flexible spine. Also, for autofellatio, you need a slim build or body size, and unfortunately, it requires a penis above the average (which is 5-6 inches).

Fortunately, there are a few ways to help you achieve flexibility, and the required body size and penis size. So don’t fret!

Note: Self sucking/autofellatio is an advanced sex act, and you need to take great care when doing it. Any action you take upon the information on this website is strictly at your own risk, and we will not be liable for any losses, injuries, and damages. Learn more.

But How Do I Improve My Flexibility?

You can improve or even develop flexibility by doing some autofellatio stretches and other exercises. Yoga is a staple when you wanted to improve mobility and flexibility.

The yoga poses ‘the plow,’ ‘downward facing dog,’ and ‘cobra’ focuses on lengthening the spine and neck. Yoga classes can also offer you more flexibility in these particular areas.

The best way to learn these poses is by enrolling in a yoga class with a professional, especially if it’s something you’re afraid of doing. It’s easy to find an instructor or join a yoga class, and it’s very affordable, too. You can take up lessons during the weekend or in the evenings if you have to work during the day.

You can also watch yoga posture videos and do it yourself in the comfort of your own home. Remember to start slow and if you think you can’t do it, stop. You don’t want to break any bones for the sake of being able to suck your own dick.

Pilates, exercising with a foam roller, or having deep tissue massages can also help you achieve flexibility, but let’s admit that not all men are graced with such flexibility the moment they were born. Even I had to work hard just to earn it. However, with constant practice, determination, and patience, there’s no reason why you can’t do it at all.

Does Penis Size Matter?

As mentioned earlier, you need to have an above-average penis for self-sucking. So what if you’re not blessed with such physical features?

When it comes to penis size, you may be able to improve your member’s length. It will take dedication, though, like everything else. Using a penis pump or doing penis enlargement stretching may help you achieve the required size. Warning: Stay away from penis enlargement pills!

I tried jelqing (penis massages), and it slightly increased my penis size. Just remember that this process also takes time, and results don’t just happen in a snap.

Also, always take time to warm up and exercise both your body and your penis to have the build, size, and shape that sucking your own penis requires of a man.

And What About My Tummy?

Meanwhile, do you have belly fat? Sorry to say this, but you need to get rid of it if you want to reach your cock with your mouth.

Having a big tummy prevents you from bending lower, so slimming down your body is also essential. For a self-sucker, bending and stretching are crucial and are done easier when one has smaller guts.

Bigger guts and busts will only serve as obstacles, especially if you bend to put a dick in your mouth.

Loosen up!

Perform abdominal exercises to flatten your tummy, workout regularly, and most importantly, go on a weight-loss diet. Not only would you be able to suck your own dick in due time, but you will also have a healthier and sexier body in the long run.

7. Attempt the deep throat if you like it

Deep throating—where you take the member so far into your mouth, it’s in your throat—is definitely an advanced skill. Why? Two words: gag reflex.

Some people’s gag reflex is more easily activated than others, but if you’re able to train it—I did by practicing on, no joke, frozen ice pops—you can surprise (and by that, I mean SHOCK) your partner with moments of deep throating.

Not only does deep throating feel amazing to them (your throat is obviously tighter than their mouth), but it’s a turn-on seeing their entire length somehow fit inside your mouth. (Back to that visual thing from the previous point.)

A word of caution: Ease into this, and only when you can breathe well through your nose. No penis is worth choking over.

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