How to make plastic shine after removing the stickers on it using cooking oil?

Alternative directions to shine plastic surfaces like blinds or trash cans:

  1. Apply Murphy Oil Soap directly to a towel, I prefer microfiber cloth for this.
  2. Rub the plastic surface, making sure to coat everything well.
  3. Now use the other side of the cloth to buff it out.

Using this method cleans the plastic surface AND shines it. No rinsing needed with dry application like this. I love this method for plastic blinds, trash cans, plastic containers, outdoor plastic furniture, or anything else plastic inside and outside the home.

When it comes to doing the outdoor surfaces like c

When it comes to doing the outdoor surfaces like car mats, a sponge or scrub brush is really great to get into the divots of the plastic

The neat thing about Murphy Oil Soap is it will really start to foam if you scrub it a lot. This is why it cleans so well.

Here are some pictures of this when I was cleaning my weather tech mats.

After rinsing, it is just clean and shiny!

After rinsing, it is just clean and shiny!


Can I use Vaseline on my dashboard

Answered By: Daniel Johnson Date: created: Mar 01 2021

Wipe down the dashboard with a little water and cleaning solution. Once it’s dry, apply a very small amount of Vaseline using a clean rag. … This works wonderfully at conditioning the dashboard and giving it a nice shine.

Asked By: Wallace Morgan Date: created: Dec 16 2020

Can you buff plastic

Answered By: Chase Campbell Date: created: Dec 30 2021

Clean the plastic surface with a damp cloth, rubbing in a circular motion around the scratch. … Apply a mild abrasive, such as toothpaste, furniture polish, baking soda or plastic polish to the scratch. Try our VuPlex Plastic Cleaning Kit which will also give your surface a gloss finish.

Asked By: Dylan Robinson Date: created: Feb 02 2021

Step One: Disassemble Your Hardware

If at all possible, we highly recommend disassembling the device in question before you start cleaning and Retr0brighting. Ideally, you will break it down to just the plastic parts you want to clean, with all the metal pieces and circuitry set aside. This will make the cleaning much easier (since you’ll be able to hose it off), and avoid any problems with the Retr0bright harming the internals.

This process will differ depending on what you’re

This process will differ depending on what you’re taking apart, so hit up YouTube for a “teardown” video of your specific gadget—chances are, there are probably a few out there. Set aside the internals and make sure you don’t lose any of the screws (again, this is where that magnetic screw tray comes in handy). Once you have just the plastic pieces left over, you’re ready to start cleaning.

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