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Are Razer Mice Loud?

The Razer Lancehead Tournament Edition features Razer’s 5G optical sensor, which can detect up to 16,000 DPI. Razer’s Lancehead is one of the quietest mice they have ever produced, despite the fact that most mechanical switches are loud both in keyboards and gaming mice.


What does double click do?

A double-click is the act of pressing a computer mouse button twice quickly without moving the mouse. Double-clicking allows two different actions to be associated with the same mouse button. It was developed by Bill Atkinson of Apple Computer (now Apple Inc.)

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7. Replace the High Voltage Diode

Your microwave can be noisy as a result of a faulty high voltage diode, the part that supplies power to the magnetron. If functioning abnormally, it can cause a loud humming/buzzing sound or even lead to uneven or intermittent heating of the microwave. The high voltage diode is also responsible for the popping sounds that indicate an electrical discharge.

Before testing this part, discharge the high voltage capacitor then use a Multimeter to test the diode. If the results show that the high voltage diode is faulty, you need to replace it to deal with the noise it generates.

What Is The Quietest Mouse?

  • The MOJO Pro Performance Silent Gaming Mouse is a silent gaming mouse.
  • The JSCO Noiseless USB Optical Gaming Computer Wheel Mouse is a wireless mouse that does not require any cables.
  • Wireless mouse with noiseless design from the Granvela line.
  • 2.4G Noiseless Wireless Mouse with Iron Man features.
  • The VEGCOO C8 Silent Click is a silent operation.
  • Wireless gaming mouse from VicTsing.
  • Why is clicking so annoying?

    A lot of us often go nuts by the mundane sounds of people chewing or clicking a pen repeatedly. … It is attributed to an emotional control mechanism which causes the brain to go into an overdrive on hearing such trigger sounds, says a research. This is known as misophonia or hatred of trigger sounds.

    Step 1. Acquire the Needed Tools/Materials

    What you will need for this project:

    • Mouse: You will need a loud, clicking mouse, of course.
    • Screwdriver(s) for removing mouse cover and internal parts if required. You may need more than one type or size. I used a small Phillips head screwdriver to remove all screws required. This may be all that you need but be prepared to run into a special screw head that requires a different screwdriver bit to remove.
    • Small flat blade: Either a razor blade, small pocket knife, or a thin metal paint spatula would work. Always use caution when using sharp blades or objects with your hands.
    • Flat working surface with good lighting: Preferably something away from any electrical devices since we are working on internal components of an electronic device. Ideally, an anti-static worktable setup would be ideal, but it is not necessary if adequate care is taken.
    • Small tweezers or needle-nose pliers: Personally, I can work on very small devices without the use of tools such as tweezers or needle-nose pliers, but for this project, you will most likely need them.
    • Scissors: This is for cutting the foam we will be putting inside the mouse switch. You should use the best pair you can get a hold of as this is a very small piece of foam we are cutting. It will need to be accurately cut in order to work correctly. A sharp razor blade can be carefully used in place of scissors if you do not have any.
    • Small piece of high-grade memory foam or similar material: This is the most important piece of making the mouse clicks silent. Without this, it will not work correctly. A similar material may be used if you do not have access to any memory foam. I used my memory foam from a piece cut from an old Tempur-Pedic Memory Foam Pillow. A hard foam such as Styrofoam will not work! It must be soft but snap back into place like memory foam does.
    • Magnifying lenses (if needed): I did not need any magnification lenses to do this project except when I was taking some of the pictures for the tutorial. I have pretty good eyesight, but if you don't, then you will probably appreciate having a magnifying tool handy.

    Memory foam is used because it stays true to its shape longer than cheap foam. It also has a tighter density than cheaper foam. When compressed inside the switch, the memory foam sandwiches the metal contact tab and fully dampens the sound of contact between metal tab and the plastic body of the switch. Cheaper and lower density foam will most likely work but may not fully dampen the sound from the switch.

    4 Ways to Make Computer Mouse Quiet

    So, you’ve got a computer mouse and it is making excessive noise. Well, instead of getting a new one and spending a bunch of money, you can make it quieter. Well, if that’s what you want to do, here are some of the methods you can utilize to make your mouse silent:

    1 Clean Dust off Your Mouse

    The first method is quite an obvious one. But you’re going to need to be thorough with it. What you’re basically going to do is that you’re going to unscrew the frame and make sure you open up the mouse first.

    Then you’re going to take a small microfiber cloth and gently use it to clean the outside of the frame. After that, for the inside, you’re going to use something gentler like a cotton bud. Use a cotton swab to clean the switches and the internal circuitry of the mouse and that’s all you’re going to need to do. It will surely fix any dust-related noise problems.

    2 Repair the USB Power Cable

    2 Repair the USB Power Cable

    The USB Cable as I said before can also be a big reason for your computer mouse not working well. In that case, what you’re going to do is you’re going to have to cut the wire.

    If there is any kind of problem or detachment within the insulation, deal with it, and then put a new layer of insulation on the wiring. If you’re inexperienced in this, you can take the mouse to a repair shop and your job will be done in practically no time. So, this might work for your noise issue as well.

    3 Use a Thick Foam Mousepad

    If you feel like the mouse is too heavy and direct contact with the desk is what’s causing unnecessary screeches or sounds, you can deal with that as well. All you need is a bit of creativity.

    Basically, what you’re going to do is you’re going to take your mouse, unplug it, place a piece of fabric on the desk, then put a decent mousepad on it and then plug the mouse in again and use it over the mouse. You’re going to see that the mouse won’t make as much sound because the sound of the clash will get dampened by the fabric and the mousepad.

    4 Add Insulation to the Switches

    4 Add Insulation to the Switches

    Now, the last but the most effective method to deal with computer mouse clicking noise specifically is the use of insulation. You can use thin foam pads or pieces of fabric for this solution as well.

    What you’re going to basically do is that you’re going to open the mouse up. You’re going to take the top of the circuit of the mouse where you’ll be able to see a couple of switches for each of the click buttons. Beneath them, you’re going to stick fabric or foam with glue to the extent that the switch can still be clicked. And then use the mouse. You’ll be surprised as to how silent the mouse is.

    4. Replace the Motor Drive

    The motor is used to rotate the turntable that subsequently rotates the tray or guides the roller on which it sits. As it rotates, an undesirable grinding noise can emanate from the drive motor. If you notice odd noise from the tray area, chances are the motor drive has a problem and needs to be checked.

    How do you access the motor drive?

    If you are an enthusiast of DIY, you can easily reach the motor through the bottom part of the microwave regardless of its make. And once the bottom panel is removed, then you can remove the mounting screws and the two wires holding the drive motor in place and replace it.

    Keep in mind that this isn’t a job for everyone. If you don’t have the technical know-how to identify the various parts of a microwave, you can cause some damage even when following a detailed guide. So if you open up your microwave and can’t tell which part goes where; leave it at that and call an expert.

    How to Fix the Membrane on a Keyboard: Step By Step

    The most effective way to repair the membrane keyboard is to clean the typing marks or pressure marks on each key. This trace is a thin metal wire conductor that has a function to send input to a computer.

    • Take note of the buttons that don’t work.
    • Open the membrane keyboard to access the device inside the keyboard.
    • The screw that has been opened, make sure to put it in the place you have provided so it doesn’t get lost.
    • Start sliding the membrane slowly to release it from the button holder.
    • At the top of the PCB, remove the retaining clip (Pull Gently and Carefully).
    • After the membrane is removed from the PCB, notice the click marks are usually slightly brown.
    • Use Silver Varnish, you will need “Silver Varnish” and a stick (toothpicks can also be used) to spread the varnish.
    • Spread the silver varnish evenly over the spots where the thin metal is visible.
    • Reinstall your membrane keyboard.
    • Do the experiment whether it is working or not.
    • If it still doesn’t work, try again.

    In Conclusion

    Which quiet mouse is right for you will depend on your needs.

    The UHURU is a good silent mouse, but other options, such as the VicTsing or Logitech, have far more buttons and features. The Razer is by far the most sensitive noiseless mouse, though whether you need 16,000 DPI is up to you.

    These noiseless mouse are indeed “quiet as a mouse” and great for gaming, browsing, or anything in between.

    Top 3 Best Silent Computer Mice

    So, you’re thinking of buying a new mouse anyway and you have your eyes on silent computer mice? Well, here are the top 3 silent computer mice you can find in the market with great features and amazing benefits. 

    For a more in-depth review of some quiet mice, check out this article I wrote recently: 5 Best Silent Computer Mice

    1. Razer DeathAdder V2 Silent Gaming Mouse

    The Razer DeathAdder V2 Silent Gaming Mouse is a very high-quality gaming mouse that comes with fully customizable RGB lighting, auto-calibration for mouse pad to reduce drift, and 3 times faster switch mechanism as compared to standard mice.

    This silent mouse offers 20K DPI settings, a durable design, and quiet clicks that you’d absolutely love to press. So, getting this mouse is surely going to be a good decision for you.

    2. Logitech M220 Silent Wireless Mouse

    The Logitech M220 Silent Wireless Mouse is a wireless mouse that connects with a USB receiver. It offers 90% more silence than any standard computer mouse. Along with that, it comes with other amazing features like extra precision, an ergonomic design, a comfortable grip, and increase durability. So, getting it would be a good decision for you.

    3. VicTsing Silent Slim Wireless Mouse

    The VicTsing Silent Slim Wireless Mouse is one of the best silent mice in the market with a unique slim design, high-quality build construction, portable and light-weight design.

    The best thing about this wireless mouse is the fact that it can connect to multiple devices and offers 90% silent clicks. The price of this mouse isn’t very high either so it will definitely be a great investment.

    Final Step

    Assemble everything in the reverse order of removal. Everything should go back together easily. If you have to force something, then you are probably doing it wrong. Nothing should be forced; if you have to use more effort than normal, you should take the mouse apart and check for anything causing hang-ups with reassembly.

    If a switch is broken or the metal piece of the switch is dislodged from the rest of the switch, you will need to use tweezers or needle-nose pliers to put the switch back together. If parts of the actual switch break (meaning they snapped in half or bent beyond repair), you will need to replace it for the mouse to function normally.

    I dislodged one of the metal contact pads inside one of the switches I was working on. It took me about 5 minutes to get it back in correctly. They must be inserted back correctly. Study the way it looks before working on the inside of the switch in case something goes wrong. Replacing a broken switch will be much more difficult than the rest of this tutorial and will most likely take some intermediate soldering skills at the very least. Use caution inside the mouse, but mostly inside the actual switch(es) as they are very delicate.

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