How to Embarrass Yourself in Front of Famous People

Concluding Thoughts

So, there you have it. That’s the essential guide you need to overcome your fear of embarrassment.

You now know exactly how to prepare yourself for potential embarrassment, how to deal with embarrassment in the moment, and how to learn from your experience to avoid the pitfalls of future embarrassment.

You essentially have a 360 degree understanding of what it takes to overcome your fear of embarrassment. And now, it’s time to put these ideas into action.

Start with your imagination. Imagine successfully handling embarrassing situations in your head before you experience them in the real world. Then commit yourself to purposefully putting yourself in awkward and uncomfortable situations each day.

That’s, after all, the most effective way to strengthen your anti-embarrassment muscle. ?

However, like with all muscles, they don’t just suddenly strengthen overnight. It takes consistent work over an extended period of time to build your muscles. Which is why you must commit to the consistent application of these ideas.

Only through consistent application will you develop the mental and emotional strength you need to conquer your fear of embarrassment.


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