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What Are the Possible Outcomes of Dog Eating Hot Cheetos?

Dogs can have one or two pieces of Hot Cheetos, but eating an entire pack…

Let’s see what happens…

i) Loss of Appetite

As mentioned earlier, Hot Cheetos is loaded with calories and contains MSGs making your dog want to eat more, giving him a sense of fulfillment.

So, your dog’s tummy will be filled with this junk, and there’d be no room for his daily meals. Additionally, dogs get stomach upsets and dyspepsia after eating too much Cheetos; they won’t want to eat more. Loss of appetite.  

ii) Weight Loss

Loss of appetite leads to weight loss. When your dog starts skipping his meals and stuffing his tummy with such unhealthy food, weight loss is sure to follow. These snacks can’t provide them with their daily nutrient intake, leading to nutrient and mineral deficiency.

iii) High Temperature

Because of the ingredients such as salts, MSGs, low-grade oils, Cheetos can make dogs sick and cause high temperatures as well.

iv) Burning Sensation

Hot Cheetos contain spicy ingredients and artificial flavor enhancers that make it hotter. When your dog eats these hot cheesy puffs, some bits may stick to his nose, corners of lips, or cheeks that create a burning sensation. It gets worse if a dog has sensitive skin.

When your dog’s skin burns, they start rubbing their face on the floor or excessively lick or scratch their face.

v) Colored Poop

A visual outcome of a dog eating Hot Cheetos is a red-colored poop.

But not just colored, it also causes a burning sensation to them while pooping that can be painful for them.

4. Burritos

Jasmine Lim

When I was in high school, I thrived during snack time because I always skipped breakfast. One of my two favorite items to grab from the cafeteria was the breakfast burrito.

The only other thing I had to do was grab some Hot Cheetos and throw them inside to customize it to become a perfect breakfast burrito. Trust me, my friends definitely joined in on this combination.

Baked Crunchy FLAMIN’ HOT Cheetos Nutritional Facts

One of the most popular flavors of Cheetos is the FLAMIN’ HOT Cheetos. With an interesting history, these chili powdered cheesy crunchies pack a punch with how spicy they are. Although they hold most of the same nutritional facts that a regular pack of Cheetos does, a large amount of chili powder is a concern.

For some people, the spice levels can be too much. Aside from the burning in your mouth, it can cause painful stomach aches. Too much consumption of these can result in constipation. Even if you’re a spice lover, it is recommended not to go overboard with these as they can be harmful?


  • Try adding the flamin’ hot seasoning to a bag of hot cheetos for an even spicier snack!

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How to Eat Cheetos with Braces?

Eating Cheetos dentist advise not to consume; however, if you are taking, you can use the below method to avoid damaging your braces:

  1. Steps: When you brought your Cheetos, don’t try to eat by the whole piece. Keep on the plate and take a spoon and cut all bite-sized and chew slowly one by one to enjoy your moment also you can break by finger and consume.
  2. Steps: Don’t take any hard and hot kind of Cheetos
  3. Steps: After finish, eating you need to floss and brush your teeth each corner properly to ensure nothing is stuck
  4. Steps: If any foods are stuck under the wires and after flossing not remove them, don’t force them to take out. It will hurt your teeth, and brackets need to inform your dentist for the guide.

2. Cream Cheese

Jasmine Lim

Yes, cheese again. But cheese is amazing and we must acknowledge its powers on other foods. When I was in high school, everyone would go to the cafeteria and grab a pack of cream cheese along with a bag of Hot Cheetos — granted those were baked due to "health regulations."

Because cream cheese is generally eaten cold, it creates a nice contrast to the heat provided by Hot Cheetos’ spice levels. The creaminess of the cream cheese complements the crispiness of the chips nicely as well. 

#SpoonTip: Use your favorite flavor of cream cheese to cater it to your own specific tastes. For example, I grabbed the smoked salmon flavor and I love it! 

Why Can’t You Eat Hot Cheetos With Braces?

It is always good to avoid when you are wearing braces it breaks your bracket and prolongs your orthodontic treatment; you need to avoid only a few months, depending on the length of your contract; after off your braces, you can eat what you like.

Still, you feel you can’t stay eating, crush them, consume smaller quantities, and chew slowly. Don’t make harry while eating with braces; most of the time, younger people have doubts I can eat hot Cheetos with braces. You can, but you will feel some irritation.

If the chips are jammed with wires, then it’s tough to remove from the inside, even doing floss, again and again. It will start making irritation and painting and making treatment worst, so best is to avoid it if possible, or before deciding anything, ask your dentist to get the proper solution.

Also, people asking can you eat flaming hot Cheetos with braces. It’s not suitable for your orthodontic treatment; however if you want to follow the braces treatment procedure and enjoy the usual, might you confuse about can you eat Cheetos puffs and Cheetos fries.

It is possible to eat, but you need to chew carefully to ensure not trapped between teeth and braces; for more information, do not hesitate to ask your dentist to get the correct answer base on your orthodontic treatment.

Can Dogs Eat Hot Cheetos?

No, dogs can’t eat hot Cheetos.

Hot Cheetos are enriched with artificial flavor enhancers, preservatives, oils, spices, and cheese that make them extremely unhealthy for dogs. And, if your dog is lactose intolerant, Hot Cheetos will worsen his condition as they are loaded with cottage cheese. Especially if you have a senior dog or a growing puppy, the chemicals in Hot Cheetos can make them sick as they have a sensitive stomach and weak immune system.

To see how Cheetos can impact dog health, we must start by discussing their nutrient content.


As you can see with the Hot Cheetos nutrition facts we have covered, it is not the healthiest snack available, even if it is one of the tastiest ones. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t eat it. However, remember to limit your consumption if you want to avoid health issues or maintain a good diet.

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