How Much Data Does "Pokemon Go" Use? It Might Be More Than You Realize

How much data Pokmon Go is using

Due to the free-roaming nature of the game and everything you can do with it, it’s hard to put a specific number on the amount of data Pokémon Go is going to use when you play. How often you’re hitting PokéStops, going to gyms and battling will make a difference in your data usage. Walking around for about an hour actively playing Pokémon Go, we saw less than 20MB of mobile data usage, which is really small in the grand scheme of the several gigabytes of data you likely use each month.

That being said, it’s important to simply know that Pokémon Go is actively using data as you’re out of the house, because it has to continually update to make the game work. That being said, let’s reduce the amount of data you’re using while you’re playing!


Does Pokémon Go use a lot of data 2020?

The more you play, the more data you will consume. According to Business Insider, on average Pokémon Go eats up about 25 megabytes in an eight-hour period. This works out at about 3 MB per hour.

Is data required for Pokemon go?

“Pokémon GO” doesn’t do anything that uses up much data at all. It’s not downloading photos, it’s not pre-loading stories, and it’s not auto-playing videos, which are things that social media apps often do and are considered culprits of data overage fees.


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