Covering Trampoline Springs With Pool Noodles


8. A Pool Noodle For Organizing

Keeping a garage organized can sometimes feel like a pretty impossible task. There are just so many items that need to be stored, and so little storage solutions. Is there any way to bring some sort of method to this madness? Well, one just needs to grab a pool noodle and get the sorting started.

YouTube/Shake The FutureYouTube/Shake The Future

YouTube/Shake The Future

On a DIY YouTube channel, a savvy video maker showed that by cutting a pool noodle into a spiral, it can help even the most organized get their things in order. For example, anyone can take the loose rods they have lying around at home and wrap their noodle around them.


6. A Pool Noodle For Bike Safety

Let’s be honest here, most towns and cities do not have the right infrastructure for bikers. There sometimes is just not enough space on the road for bikers to ride comfortably with a safe distance between them and other vehicles.



The average pool noodle is about 63 inches long, or just over 5 feet. So some bikers have been creating their own “bike lane” by attaching a pool noodle to the back of their bikes. This way, cars avoid both them and the pool noodle, and bikers get to avoid disasters and the threat of cars passing a little too closely to their bicycles for comfort. Would you try it?

How do you clean a trampoline pad?

Fill a bucket halfway with hot, soapy water (avoid using any harsh chemicals or cleaning products). Remove any dirt from the Jump mat by wiping it clean with a sponge or a soft cloth (avoid hard scrubbing). The similar procedure should be followed for the safety pads and PVC sleeves on the arms. Wipe down any dirty areas of the exposed frame using a clean cloth.

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Lift Gate Protection

“When you open the lift gate of your van or SUV, it’s easy to hit a cross brace of the garage door and chip the paint on the gate. Protect it by using a swim noodle as a cushion. Just slit the swim noodle with a utility knife and slip it over the brace. You can also use pre-slit foam pipe insulation. If it slips off, use double-face tape to hold it in place.” – Mary Sprang.

More Comfortable Mowing

“I don’t mind mowing my lawn, but the vibration from my lawn mower handle was aggravating the arthritis in my hands. Then I taped a piece of a swim noodle over the handle. Mowing the grass is much more comfortable, and my hands don’t ache when I’m done.” – Phillip E. Oinonen

What can you do with a trampoline mat?

  1. Check out the post below for more fantastic suggestions! Remodel or build a garden in or around it
  2. build a pergola or a large Christmas wreath in or around it. A soccer goal, giant holiday wreath, rose arbor, chicken coop, and swinging bed are all possibilities.

Covering Trampoline Springs with Pool Noodles is Super Easy – And Colorful!

My kids helped out by putting all the colorful foam pool noodles on the springs. They even arranged the pool noodles into a pattern. Talk about sneaking in some learning… Once all the springs were covered, we pulled the mats back over top and secured the mats to the frame of the trampoline. Double protection and no exposed springs. Although we could definitely use some new trampoline mats in the future as the one we have is falling apart and not really cushiony any more.As you can see, this pool noodle trampoline safety hack was super easy to do and very inexpensive! And now you’ll be ready to try one of these fun trampoline games. **And as always, please supervise your children on the trampoline at all times, even if you have taken steps to make the trampoline safer.**


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