190 Awesome Cardboard Box Creations ideas

Plan Ahead

Maybe it’s an astronaut. Or a hedgehog. Or an astronaut hedgehog who’s going to be the first of his kind on the moon (all hail). Whatever the case, you and your kids should have a good idea of the size and style of your cardboard masterpiece. Gilmour suggests asking yourself specific questions: What will you construct first? Which type of cardboard might work best as hedgehog quills?  “There’s a lot of thinking before hand that goes into creations,” explains Gilmour. “I gather photos, blueprints, models —  anything that gives a clear image of the object.” Gilmour recommends drawing out a rudimentary blueprint before you start assembling.

Photo: Marco De Palma

Photo: Marco De Palma


3. Get techy with a laptop

Image source: handmadecharlotte.com  If your little one is a little young to play on the laptop, make this fantastic chalkboard laptop from cardboard. It’s bound to give them hours of fun, as well as stretch their imagination and creativity.

Leave Wood Out Of This

You’re industrious, and you might get the idea to bolster your cardboard with something a wooden frame. Not a good idea. “The wood doesn’t deform,” explains Gilmour. “So, over time, as the sculpture naturally shifts, it begins to warp around the wood. It looks terrible. When it’s all cardboard, everything shifts at the same rate, so it’s unnoticeable.”

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