10 Apps To Watch Movies Together Long Distance [List Of 2022]

What Are the Benefits and Drawbacks of Watching Movies Together Long Distance Using the Apps?


*It helps to save your money.

*You can save your time as well as your friend cannot cancel the plan.

*It is a lifesaver during the current pandemic i.e. Corona.

*It helps in maintaining social distancing.


*It is not as fun as watching together in the same room.

*There will be a time difference if you are in a different country.

*Your internet connection can sometimes betray you.


6. Scener

Think of it as Netflix Party… on steroids. Users can not only video chat while streaming, but they can also message each other and send documents in real time. Please note that everyone in the group must be subscribed to the streaming service in order for it to work.

Try Scener

2. Gaze

The software lets you video chat and sync-watch movies with others from a distance, meaning you’ll watch at the exact same time. Pros: It’s extremely user-friendly, which means your kids will have no trouble operating the interface. Cons: It’s a YouTube-specific service, so your streaming options are somewhat limited.

Try Gaze


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