About Me

“I am a creative person— I want to create, I want to get up!”

Well hello, dear and already beloved reader! My name is Anna, and now you are reading the very first page of my blog. And since you came to this page, you probably want to learn more about me and my blog.

I’ll start with how the idea of creating a blog came about in general. I bought Julia Cameron’s book The Artist’s Way. And off it went… Performing tasks, I discovered a whole universe in myself, a huge sleeping potential. I had so much unrealized creative energy that needed to be attached somewhere. I’ve tried a lot, rushing from side to side, because everything is interesting to me and I want more, and more. As a result, the teacher living in me came out of his stupor and said: “Won’t the pug crack? It’s time to share!”

By the way, I am a psychologist by education and have worked as an educator for more than 5 years. And this is not a profession, this is a state of mind. Well, how about